Dual Master's in Regional Planning and Real Estate

Students interested in the intersection of land use and urban development can pursue a dual master of real estate (M.P.S. RE) and master of regional planning (M.R.P.) degree with the Department of City and Regional Planning in AAP. The roles of planners and real estate developers are frequently intertwined. By providing skills and knowledge in both fields, the three-year M.P.S. RE/M.R.P. degree program enables practitioners to pursue professional opportunities that require a sophisticated understanding of the real estate development process in the context of city and regional planning.

To satisfy the requirements for both the Master of Regional Planning (M.R.P.) and Master of Professional Studies in real estate (M.P.S. RE) degrees, students will complete the following:

  1. Six semesters and 90 academic credits

  2. At least 30 credits in CRP classes

  3. The M.R.P. program core requirements:

    • CRP 5120 Public and Spatial Economics for Planners (3 credits)
    • CRP 5130 Introduction to Planning Practice and History (4 credits)
    • CRP 5190 History and Theory of Urban Spatial Development (3 credits)
    • CRP 5250 Introductory Methods of Planning Analysis (4 credits)
    • CRP 5590 Legal Aspects of Land Use Planning (4 credits)
    • CRP 6550 Real Estate Project Workshop (see RE core requirements below 4 credits)
    • Advanced methods class (3–4 credits)
    • Competence in statistics (satisfied by a number of classes, 3–4 credits)
    • Research paper to satisfy M.R.P. program exit requirement (4 credits)
  4. The Baker Program in Real Estate Program Requirements:

Core Requirements:

  • BPRE 6290 Communication in Real Estate (1.5 credits)
  • CEE 5950 Construction Planning and Operations (3 credits)
  • CRP 5320 Real Estate Development Process I (1.5 credits)
  • CRP 5321 Real Estate Development Process II (1.5 credits)
  • CRP 5330 Real Estate Marketing and Management (1.5 credits)
  • CRP 5370 RE Seminar Series, 4 semesters (0.5 credits/semester)
  • CRP 5560 Creating the Built Environment (1.5 credits)
  • CRP 6550 Project Workshop (see M.R.P. core requirements above, 4 credits)
  • CRP 6560 Real Estate Transactions and Deal Structuring (3 credits)
  • CRP 6580 Residential and Commercial Development (4 credits)
  • HADM 6200 Principles of Real Estate (3 credits)
  • HADM 6280 Real Estate Finance and Investments (3 credits)
  • HADM 6870 Real Estate Law (3 credits)
  • NCC 5560 Managerial Finance (3 credits)

Other Real Estate Requirements:

  • 12 credits (four classes) in an approved concentration
  • 5 credits in leadership and management

Note: Except for CRP 6550 Real Estate Project Workshop, which may also satisfy the M.R.P. workshop requirement, no class may satisfy a requirement for both the M.R.P. program core requirements and the real estate program core requirements. Additionally, no class taken to satisfy the M.R.P. program core requirements may be used to satisfy the real estate program concentration requirements.

A student in the dual-degree program may be excused from satisfying any of the above-stated requirements pertaining to the M.R.P. program only through filing a petition that is accepted by the M.R.P. program. A student in the dual degree program may be excused from satisfying any of the above-stated requirements pertaining to the real estate program only through filing a petition that is accepted by the real estate program.