Photography Labs and Print Media Facilities

Photography Labs

We support all aspects of photographic image-making. This includes providing darkrooms for both black and white and alternative processes, digital printing and scanning, equipment loans, and a professional lighting studio.

Workshops are offered each semester as requested by faculty and students. The lab manager is available by appointment for one-on-one assistance with projects or technical instruction.

Black and White Darkroom

  • Beseler 23cII/III enlargers
  • Beseler 4" x 5" enlargers

Alternative Processes Equipment

  • Supports work in cyanotype, Van Dyke brown, gum bichromate, platinum/palladium, and other processes
  • Two UV exposure units: NuArc 32-1ks metal halide unit with 28" x 32" vacuum frame, 30" x 40" UV light bank
  • Contact print frames 11" x 14", 16" x 20", and 20" x 24"

Analog Camera Equipment (for class use only)

  • Fully manual 35mm cameras
  • Medium format camera systems
  • View cameras
  • Light meters

Digital Camera Equipment (available from AAP IT Solutions)

  • Various Fuji and Canon mirrorless cameras
  • Various Canon DSLRs

Studio/Lighting Equipment

  • Various light stands, clamps, and modifiers
  • Profoto Monolights
  • Lowel Omni travel light kits
  • Lowel DP studio lights
  • Seamless backdrop

Digital Printing, Advanced Digital Media Services (ADMS) Extension/Self-Service Space

  • Mac Mini (two), 8 GB RAM, 2.7 GHz Intel Core i7, Solid State hard drive
  • Eizo ColorEdge CG2420 monitors with hoods (two)
  • Epson P5000 17" photo/matte inkjet printer (two)
  • Epson Expression 10000 XL, 11-1/5" x 17-1/5" flatbed scanner
  • Epson Perfection V800, 8-1/2" x 11-7/10" flatbed scanner
  • Large format printing is available in Sibley Hall in ADMS.

Print Media Facilities

The print media facilities include dedicated studios for intaglio, lithography, and screen printing; a darkroom for hybrid processes; as well as the full range of services offered in the digital fabrication lab. An additional studio designated for graduate student and faculty use provides a professional space for fully resolved projects and serves as a pedagogical model studio where collaborations take place between artists. The print studios incorporate other material processes beyond their designed uses, including papermaking and casting, bookmaking, woodcut, and monotype.

Intaglio Studio

  • Charles Brand etching presses (three), 30'' x 50'', 26'' x 48'', and 20'' x 40''
  • Tackach-Garfield intaglio press, 44'' x 84''
  • Merco Savoy hot plates (three)
  • Fume hood, 47'' x 90'' x 58''
  • Large format Aquatint box
  • Horizontal acid baths (two), 30" x 40" and 18" x 24"
  • Variety of etching tools, rollers, and brayers

Lithography Studio

  • Tackach-Garfield hand-operated lithography press, 34'' x 60'' (two)
  • Charles Brand hand-operated lithography press, 30'' x 52''
  • Fuchs and Lane lithography press, 25'' x 36''
  • Large graining sink for stone Lithography
  • Large assortment of rollers and brayers

Screen Printing Studio

  • AWT World Trade Direct Exposure table, 32'' x 54''
  • Separate wet and dark space with spray booth
  • David Reina Design beater with bronze roll (pulp making machine)
  • More than 50 screens to select from

Graphics Darkroom

  • NuArc lithography exposure system, 41" x 31"
  • Stainless steel washout sink, 48'' x 108''

Graduate/Faculty Studio

  • American French Tool intaglio press, 40'' x 70''
  • Tackach-Garfield motorized lithography press, 34'' x 60''
  • Charles Brand etching press, 16'' x 30''
  • Merco Savoy hot plate
  • Valad Electric Heating Company hot plate
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