Cooperative Summer Internship Program for M.R.P. and M.A. Students

AAP Connect facilitates summer internships with local, regional, national, and international organizations for first-year graduate students in the M.R.P. and M.A. programs. The AAP Connect internship coordinator identifies organizations who will participate in the program and works with each student on specific placement opportunities.

The college offers stipends to students between the first and second year of the M.R.P. and M.A. programs who secure part-time (10 weeks, 20 hours per week), professional internships. In cooperation, the college asks the participating organization to match the grant for the internship period.

The internship program provides students with an opportunity to begin research in their specific field of interest and gain valuable firsthand experience, while the maximum 20-hour workweek provides students with adequate time to begin work on final exit projects.

AAP Connect's internship coordinator invites a wide variety of organizations to participate in the program each year, but students are also encouraged to seek out specific organizations of interest. Students may contact organizations themselves, or collaborate with the internship coordinator in contacting the internship hosts.

A list of prospective employers and required materials for application is available in February from AAP Connect. Students will apply for positions directly with employers using the information provided by employers in the Organization Job Listing Form. Selected students should be notified by late April, and the internship coordinator must receive a letter of intent from the internship host in order to confirm the internship.

Below is a list of organizations that have hosted interns in previous years, and other groups that may be of interest. 


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