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Architecture at Cornell's College of Architecture, Art, and Planning (AAP) is about creative and critical design practices that make lasting impact — balancing rigorous research and scholarship, responsibility for our natural and built environments, and reimagining the world at every scale to build a just and sustainable future for all.

At Cornell Architecture we see design as a process of creative experimentation and iterative analysis, ensuring non-judgmental, holistic, and open-ended inquiry enabled by independent, critical thinking and bold thought leadership. Our undergraduate and graduate programs are designed to support interdisciplinary collaboration and provide an integrated foundation in global history, theory, structures, environmental systems, building technologies, visual representation, ensuring that our students are equipped with actionable knowledge and the agency to enact change.

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Student Work Above:
Left: "Swaying Udders" by Christopher Yi, (M.Arch. '20); Top Right: "CREOLE: A Spatial Language of Cultural Preservation, Transition, and Production" by Cornelius Tulloch (B.Arch. '21);  Bottom Right: "Loop Column" by Justin Foo (B.Arch. '18) and Xinyu Yi (M.Arch '16).


Architecture at 150

Letter from the chair

A person with long red hair a black shirt standing in front of a building.

Caroline O'Donnell

"From here, we not only look back and see 150 years of enduring tradition and constant evolution, but we also look around us for intersections and places to re-enter; to begin again, to disrupt, aspire, and act; to make change now and build a future on a new, or another understanding of what has been and what is. In other words, we have a collective invitation to a present that invites, or rather implores, us to build a more fair, sustainable, and meaningful world. Ultimately, to imagine what can be so that in another 150 years' time, future generations will benefit from having found out what that is."

A person with long red hair a black shirt standing in front of a building.

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Anniversary Archive

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The AAP Alumni Archive

The AAP Alumni Archive showcases a legacy of forward thinking and pedagogical innovation that inform both what we teach and how we teach creative practice and critical engagement across our disciplines. Students reached out to college graduates from the 1940s–80s to hear their stories and gather selections from their life's work.

A series of colorful squares with different objects on them.

Our History

Discover the history of the architecture department, from its initial 21 students to the present.


  • A series of squares with different things on them, patterns, designs, a person sitting on a bench.

    From Ordinary to Extraordinary

  • Metal trees as part of an architectural model.

    L.P. Kwee Studios at Milstein Hall

  • A series of contour lines on a brown wooden flat surface.

    A Different Way of Thinking

  • Houses in a city being deconstructed.

    Unbuild Better: a Collegetown Case Study in Deconstruction

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