Department of Art

At Cornell, the study of art is an education in creating artistic objects, spaces, and experiences that reflect intellectual judgment, philosophical understanding, historical knowledge, and ethical principles that engage and influence the often bewildering complexity of contemporary life within and beyond the academy. 

Students develop the skills specific to the practice of art in addition to and within the understanding that there are more general skills necessary to a critical apprehension of the collective condition. This distinction is made in order to clarify that the department does not view art itself merely as a profession, but as a way of understanding and communicating meaning through materials, situations, language, and images.


Applied + Engaged Art Practice

The Bachelor of Fine Arts (B.F.A) curriculum combines the intensive studio culture of the Department of Art with open access to elective classes in all areas of Cornell University. Focusing on individualized direction with close faculty mentorship, studio practice, and forging trans-disciplinary relationships, the department prepares a close community of artists to engage the world as creative and intellectual leaders.

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New Imaginaries + Critical Practices

The two-year Master of Fine Arts (M.F.A) program is an intensive, intimate, and diverse community that supports interdisciplinary and medium-specific practices augmented by access to the breadth of fields of study across the university. The college provides private studios, teaching assistantships throughout, and a generous tuition remission. 

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Student Takeovers

Faculty Work

In the Media


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