Undergraduate Art Program

Beginning in fall 2018, the Department of Art introduced a redesigned B.F.A. curriculum for students who see themselves as both artists and scholars. This curriculum will combine the intensive studio culture of the art department with enhanced access to electives in all areas of the university. By focusing on interdisciplinary relationships, the department aims to produce a community of artists who will participate in the world as artistic and intellectual leaders.

The program allows the student to map a highly individualized curriculum with the goal of evolving a mature artistic practice at the earliest possible stage.

The two academic components of B.F.A. program consist of the art-specific component taught within the department (64 credits) and the elective component drawn from the university at large (56 credits). The art component consists of seminars and core studio courses in:

  • Digital media
  • Drawing
  • Painting
  • Photography
  • Print media
  • Sculpture
  • And a wide range of special topics.

The elective component comprises art history requirements and First-Year Writing Seminars plus a full range of elective classes selected by the student with an advisor's input. This latter component offers students a truly unique degree of freedom in integrating ideas, interests, and skills into an artistic practice that is critically, intellectually, and materially advanced.

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