Office of the Dean

Welcome Message from Kieran Donaghy, Interim Dean

man with glasses and a blue shirt standing in front of a gallery wall with pictures on it

As interim dean of Cornell University's College of Architecture, Art, and Planning (Cornell AAP), I welcome interest in and support of the scholastic and creative pursuits of our students and faculty. I also strongly endorse the words of welcome provided by my immediate predecessor, Kent Kleinman.

Kieran Donaghy
Interim Dean of AAP and Professor of City and Regional Planning

"Welcome to Cornell AAP. The college is home to almost 800 students and 100 visiting and full-time faculty dedicated to the study of the art and science of the built environment. A small and vital college in one of the nation's foremost research universities, Cornell AAP has educated many of the most influential theorists and practitioners in the country. We are committed to the belief that architecture, art, and planning are simultaneously intellectual and material practices, and that leadership in cultural production demands both expertise in a specific discipline and wide knowledge in the liberal arts. For this reason, Cornell AAP students and alumni are renowned for two qualities: deep expertise in their chosen field and life-long curiosity for learning. This combination of depth and breadth has never been more crucial: our fields are undergoing fundamental transformations wrought by a revolution in digital technologies, a rise in environmental consciousness, and an unprecedented surge in global urbanization. Traditional techniques of placemaking are severely challenged by a new scale and complexity of intertwined values that require more than just exceptional disciplinary proficiency. It requires intellectual audacity and wildly creative imagination.

Cornell's Ithaca campus is the physical and academic center for Cornell AAP, but given the global nature of our interests, the college has extended its reach to include permanent programs in the historic center of Rome and in the financial district of New York City. The departments offer additional extensive opportunities for international study across the globe. In Ithaca, the college spans five buildings, including Milstein Hall, historic Sibley Hall, an 8,000-square-foot digital and analog shop facility and the Fine Arts Library in Rand Hall (currently under construction and scheduled to open in fall 2019), Tjaden Hall, and the landmarked Foundry building. We are able to support a wide range of creative and intellectual endeavors, either within the college or in collaboration with our academic partners in landscape architecture, engineering, computer science, and the liberal arts. The Herbert F. Johnson Museum of Art, I. M. Pei's 1974 masterwork, is our physical neighbor and creative partner.

We are proud of our physical plant and our tripartite geographical footprint, but we are prouder still of the tremendous intellectual and creative impact of our faculty scholarship and creative work, and the extraordinary talent of our student body. At the heart of the college is a cohort of faculty and students working in concert to comprehend and make anew the fabric of the built world."

Kent Kleinman
Gale and Ira Drukier Dean of Architecture, Art, and Planning, 2008–18