Computer Support and Services

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Desktop and Laptop Support

AAP IT Solutions is located in 261 Sibley Hall, and provides limited support for a variety of hardware and software issues including free limited support for students, faculty, and staff. Please note, that the computer's owner is responsible for the cost of parts.

Services Provided Include:

  • Troubleshoot and fix Windows/Mac OS problems
  • Troubleshoot and repair laptop, desktop, and limited phones/tablets
  • Custom PC consulting/building

Laser Printing

There are standard black and white and color laser printers throughout AAP buildings. To print to these printers following the instructions below sign up for and add net print to your personal computer.

Color Printing Prices:

  • 8-1/2" x 11" = $.25 per sheet (non-duplex printer)
  • 11" x 17" = $.25 per sheet (non-duplex printer)

Black and White Printing Prices:

  • 8-1/2" x 11" = $.09 per sheet (duplex not included)
  • 11" x 17" = $.09 per sheet (duplex not included)

Print Center

The AAP It Print Center supports the large format plotting needs of the AAP community. Our printers included the general plotters, HPs and OCEs, and the archival Epson printers from the ADMS.

Submit your files for printing on the submission page, link below. A staff person or student monitor will queue up your plot and send it to the plotter. They will then retrieve the plot and put it in a cubby for you to pick up in Sibley room 261.

You will receive emails when your plot is received, when queued for printing, and which cubby to retrieve it from when finished.


AAP is equipped with several scanners located throughout the college.

  • 36" sheetfed scanner (Oce) in the scanning area off of Milstein Hall (please get approval from the AAP IT Solutions counter before scanning)
  • Epson GT-15000 11" x 17" flatbed scanners, four in the scanning area in the south end of Milstein Hall
  • Epson Expression 10000xl 11" x 17" flatbed scanners with slide holders in the ADMS


AAP has dedicated B56 East Sibley Hall as a documentation space that can be reserved for up to two hours. The space can be booked at the AAP Equipment Cage. The documentation room is equipped with ceiling lighting and two Complete AutoPole Expand Kit Black 3 Roll setups with gray, white, and black backdrops.


AAP has two custom-built render towers. Each of these remote instances is equipped with 56 cores, 128GB of RAM, 64bit Windows, Rhino 5, and Vray 2. Please follow these instructions to connect.

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