AAP Advisory Council

The AAP Advisory Council is AAP's leadership group of alumni, parents, and friends.

Members are advisors, advocates, ambassadors, and supporters of the college and its mission, working closely with the dean at biannual meetings. As representatives of their respective fields, areas of study, and stakeholders, advisory council members serve as a sounding board for the dean and leaders within AAP.

Structure and size

The AAP Advisory Council is made up of approximately 30 architects, artists, and planners who represent a wide spectrum of practices and are leaders in their respective fields. Invited by the dean, members are alumni, parents, and friends whose membership reflects the various constituencies and disciplines of the college. The council is led by one chair or two co-chairs, as appointed by the dean.

Council Chair

  • Marilyn Mawn

    B.S. URS '96

  • Price Arana

    B.F.A. '86
  • John Cooper

    B.F.A. '97
  • Gerald Davis

    B.Arch. '84
  • Douglas Gensler

    B.Arch. '91
  • Mark Hill

    B.Arch. '84
  • Chauncey Jones

    B.Arch. '75
  • Judith Kinnard

    B.Arch. '77
  • Denise Korn

    B.F.A. '87
  • Alex Krieger

    B.Arch. '75
  • Vivian Kuan

    B.Arch. '90
  • Michael Manfredi

    M.Arch. '80
  • Michael Neumann

    B.Arch. '81
  • Alan Suna

    B.Arch. '76
  • Ratan Tata

    B.Arch. '59
  • Ernst Valery

    B.S. URS '00
  • Amanda Williams

    B.Arch. '97
  • Magda Yrizarry

    B.S. URS '84, M.R.P. '03
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