The agency to respond to today's urgencies

At the College of Architecture, Art, and Planning, we prepare our students to address the greatest challenges of the 21st century through applied research, creative practice, and community-engaged planning. We encourage imagination, technical creativity, critical thinking, and embrace transdisciplinary approaches to building a more beautiful, sustainable, and equitable world.

AAP Council for Diversity & Inclusion

AAP is committed to an inclusive and diverse community and an open learning environment that is free from bias. We will not tolerate prejudice in any form or discrimination on any basis. We embrace creative and analytic practices that challenge preconceptions and prejudice; encourage critical engagement with the many forms of built culture; and defend the prerogative of our disciplines to ask difficult and provocative questions.

Our Values

Creativity at AAP means that we trust in processes of investigation and imagination and that our ideas translate to possibilities for a better world.

Our approaches to teaching and learning are driven by an engaged criticality that provides an informed perspective on compounded challenges we face as a generation of architects, artists, and planners committed to civil discourse, action, and positive change.

The root from which our community expands and grows is a genuine care for one another — for the world and our shared future that demands we understand the enormous value of the work we do — and how we do it, here and now.

Our Priorities

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