College Organizations

AAP has a strong tradition of coming together around equity and justice that dates back to the 1960s⁠–70s civil rights movement and extends to today's actions toward social justice. Our college organizations invite participation from college leadership, faculty, staff, students, and staff to continue this critical work.


Architects, Artists, and Planners of Color (AAPOC)

Architects, Artists, and Planners of Color (AAPOC) amplifies the voices of Black, Indigenous, and people of color (BIPOC) in AAP by creating a safe and welcoming space that fosters inclusion and a sense of unity throughout the college. AAPOC works to create a network that supports BIPOC students. Learn more by contacting

National Organization for Minority Architects - Students Chapter (NOMAS)

National Organization for Minority Architects Students (NOMAS), the student group under the leadership of the National Organization of Minority Architects, is designed to expose architecture students of color to the history, culture, and practice of professional architects of color. To learn more about NOMAS contact

International Planning Student Organization (IPSO)

International Planning Students Organization (IPSO) exists to build relationships with international development students in other departments of Cornell University, as well as other universities; to provide a forum for undergraduate and graduate students in their academic, research, and professional pursuits so they may have a better opportunity to link planning theory and practice; to reinforce cohesiveness within the International Studies in Planning (ISP) concentration within the Department of City and Regional Planning, and to build ties and facilitate discussion between students and international planning practitioners.

Women's Planning Forum 

Women's Planning Forum (WPF) hosts alumnae in the field and sponsors career workshops. The group arranges seminars, receptions, and special events, such as a grant-writing workshop and internship preparation seminars. To learn more about WPF reach out to

A list of all student organizations and their contact information can be found on the Cornell University Student Organizations website. To learn more, reach out to the office of Student Activities at



Staff Diversity + Inclusion Committee

Professional Development subcommittee

The Staff Professional Development subcommittee focuses on all employees' personal and professional growth at AAP. The subcommittee seeks to facilitate ongoing and continuing efforts to foster a culture and atmosphere of mutual respect and inclusivity. We are committed to enhancing and improving the experience of everyone who works at AAP by creating opportunities to learn about cultural differences, recognize personal biases, and enact changes to our policies and daily practices.

SMILES subcommittee

The SMILES (Significant Moments In Life Encompassing Staff) committee aims to promote staff unity and camaraderie through events sponsored throughout the year. Members of the SMILES committee help to create opportunities for staff bonding, development, engagement, and fun through sponsored events. The committee’s ultimate goal is to create a stronger community within AAP. To follow through on this mission, the committee will hold three events throughout the year, including a spring, summer, and fall event.

Colleague Network Groups (CNGs) are a great way to build community and connections throughout Cornell University. Membership is open to Cornell employees. You can join multiple CNGs. Learn more and find signup forms to join.

AAP Council

Council for Diversity + Inclusion

The 2022–23 council has a membership of ten people comprised of four students, four faculty, and two staff from across AAP. Faculty chairs of the college's departmental diversity committees are members of the council to ensure communication between the council and their committees.


  • Architecture Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Committee

    Cindy Bowman

    Graduate Programs Coordinator

    D. Medina Lasanky

    Professor, Chair 

    George Tsourounakis

    Student Representative  

    Leslie Lok

    Assistant Professor

    Suzanne Lettieri

    Assistant Professor

    Rebeca Aro

    Student Representative
  • Art Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Committee

    Jen de los Reyes

    Associate Professor 

    Paul Ramirez Jonas

    Professor, Chair 

    Oscar Rene Cornejo

    Assistant Professor  

    Milio Tantillo 

    Service Associate

    Giselle Hobbs

    Student Representative

    Havily Nwakuche

    Student Representative
  • City and Regional Planning Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Committee

    Sara Bronin

    Professor, Chair

    George Frantz

    Associate Professor

    Wenfei Xu

    Assistant Professor

    Heidi Ingram Berrettin

    Department Manager

    Sushmitta Ranganathan

    Student Representative

    Tyler Brown 

    Student Representative
  • A list of all faculty resource groups and their contact information can be found on the Cornell University Diversity + Inclusion webpage.

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