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AAP NYC Studios and Classrooms

In March of 2015, AAP NYC moved into a new studio space located at 26 Broadway, the former headquarters of Standard Oil and a city designated landmark. The 11,114-square-foot studio encompasses the entire 20th floor and is customized to meet a full range of programming needs for all three departments of AAP with gallery space, a multi-use room for lectures and public events, and ample studio and classroom areas for up to 50 students. With moveable wall panels, the space is easily adaptable for various uses during and between semesters. Its natural lighting and 360-degree views, including the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island, enhance the experience of the city as an extension of the classroom.

AAP NYC maintains a modest shop with hand tools for model making and art projects, as well as a laser cutting shop. The studio also includes a collection of New York City history books and maps, and access to Cornell's lending library.

Located in what was traditionally known as lower Manhattan's financial district, the area surrounding 26 Broadway is now an emerging location for many architecture, design, and engineering firms whose proximity enhances both the professional practice element of the AAP NYC experience, as well as the accessibility of visiting lecturers and critics.

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Digital Resources

AAP NYC students have access to the same digital resources as their Ithaca-based colleagues. This includes cloud-based rendering, file storage on the local AAP NYC server, and the same level of student laptop support as Ithaca-based students (students can ship their laptops to AAP IT Services free of charge for repairs, though students pay for any new parts). All printing is through Papercut/Netprint. Instructions for setting up an account can be found on the AAP IT Solutions tutorials page.

Color, Black and White Printing and Copying: There are standard black and white and color laser printers available for student use.

  • 8-1/2" x 11" = $.25 per color sheet (non-duplex printer)
  • 11" x 17" = $.25 per color sheet (non-duplex printer)
  • 8-1/2" x 11" = $.09 per sheet (non-duplex printer)
  • 11" x 17" = $.09 per sheet (non-duplex printer)

Plotter Printing: Students can send their jobs wirelessly to AAP NYC's two plotter printers. 42" Bond paper is preloaded at $1.80 per linear foot. Anything printed at more than 100" is at the user's own risk and will not be refunded.

Digital Classrooms: AAP NYC has three classrooms that can collapse into one large room for special events and lectures. There is a 12' retractable presentation screen with ceiling mounted speakers. Additionally, AAP NYC has two mobile TVs that can be used throughout the studio.

Digital Photography: AAP NYC has five Canon T1i SLR cameras and seven tripods available for students to borrow on a limited basis. The studio also has lighting and backdrops available for model photography.

All students are strongly encouraged to bring a laptop with all appropriate software to AAP NYC.

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Library Resources

Books from Cornell's libraries in Ithaca are available to students through an online request system. The books are shipped to and from AAP NYC free of charge. In addition, Cornell is a member of the SHARES network of libraries which allows Cornell students visiting privileges at New York University, and borrowing privileges at Columbia University. Access hours and policies vary, and students are encouraged to call ahead or visit the library websites for detailed information. AAP NYC students can also register for borrowing privileges with the New York Public Library (NYPL).

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Students can tap into AAP's extensive metropolitan alumni network during their term in New York City. Recent graduates and long-established professionals interact with students in formal and informal settings, including critiques, gallery tours, discussions on job searches, and post-graduation issues for young professionals.

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AAP NYC: Housing Options

AAP NYC does not offer housing at this time. Students who plan to attend AAP NYC can consider the following resources in their housing search and are encouraged to make arrangements several months prior to arrival.

Additional Housing Resources

AAP NYC staff can also provide students with information and advice on securing housing in New York City.

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Orientation in New York City

While some students begin the semester with extensive knowledge of New York City, many are unfamiliar with the city and urban life. AAP NYC students receive a thorough introduction not only to the studio but to the city and neighborhood on the first day. Orientation activities frequently extend into the first few weekends of the semester and include more extensive walking tours and museum visits.

After the semester begins, the AAP NYC staff provides support to help students negotiate the city easily and safely and take advantage of the endless cultural opportunities the city offers.

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