Making and Production

Fabrication Shops

students working with drills and other tools in a large open indoor space

The fabrication facility in Rand Hall's first floor includes a fully equipped digital fabrication lab, wood shop, metal shop, and 24/7 work area. The digital fabrication center consists of a computer lab alongside a wide variety of digital tools including CNC machines, laser cutters, and 3D printers. The analog shops include table saws, band saws, sanders, welders, kilns, and much more. Learn more about AAP's fabrication shops.


Photography Labs and Print Media Facilities

AAP supports all aspects of photographic image-making. This includes providing darkrooms for both black and white and alternative processes, digital printing and scanning, equipment loans, and a professional lighting studio.

The print media facilities include dedicated studios for intaglio, lithography, and screen printing; a darkroom for hybrid processes; as well as the full range of services offered in the digital fabrication lab. An additional studio designated for graduate student and faculty use provides a professional space for fully resolved projects and serves as a pedagogical model studio where collaborations take place between artists. The print studios incorporate other material processes beyond their designed uses, including papermaking and casting, bookmaking, woodcut, and monotype. Learn more about AAP's photography labs and print media facilities. 


AAP Supply Store

The AAP Supply Store stocks specialty materials commonly used by AAP students. Learn more about ordering supplies and tool checkout.  

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