Dual Master’s Degree in Regional Planning and Landscape Architecture

The dual master's degree in regional planning (M.R.P.) and landscape architecture (M.L.A.) is a professionally accredited degree intended for students with an interest in both planning and design issues.

Landscape architecture (LA) students interested in the social, political, and economic context in which design occurs, or planning students who want to establish a deeper concentration in physical design and planning than the existing planning curriculum can provide, are ideal candidates for the dual degree program.

The dual degree prepares students for work in areas such as physical planning, environmental analysis, community development, and urban design — skills that are highly sought after in the public, private, and nonprofit sectors.

Students apply for admission to the dual degree generally after already being accepted to either CRP or LA, but need to be admitted to both programs separately. Typically, a student will apply to the complementary program during their first year at Cornell.


Each student forms an advisory committee of at least two members, with one member from both CRP and LA. The advisory committee assists the student in all aspects of the program, from class selection to completing a final exit project or thesis. Faculty associated with the concentration in land use and environmental planning in CRP may be of particular interest to students looking for advisors.

Students must fulfill the class requirements as specified in the core curriculum for each program. This includes the required minimum credit hours in LA and CRP.

  • For candidates in the first professional degree program in LA, a minimum of 120 total credit hours is required for the dual degree. Candidates need a minimum of five residence units in LA and three residence units in CRP for a total of at least eight residence units for the dual degree. In most instances, it is expected that four years will constitute the normal period in residence at Cornell.

Sample curriculum for dual M.R.P./M.L.A. degree

The dual degree advisor for CRP is Thomas Campanella.