Urban Studies Summer Programs

A collage of different elements depicting money, cities, climate change, and corporations.

Work by Medha Kulkarni (M.R.P. '25).

Develop ideas and skills that impact cities and communities. Start on your path to the study and practice of urban design and planning.

Are you captivated by cities, curious about the factors that shape lives, and inspired to address social justice and create positive change? Get started on a course of study and career that help shape a better urban future for all this summer at Cornell.

The Department of City and Regional Planning offers a suite of summer courses both online and in person where students from all over the world can connect with urban researchers and planners to explore issues of justice and sustainability in cities and learn methods and techniques for urban data analysis and mapping.

High School StudentsCollege Students

A group of people standing outside looking at a mural

A group of people standing outside looking at a mural

"It's a fantastic time to be an urban scholar. We have an invitation to engage complex questions in big and small cities and towns, to draw on different disciplinary approaches and research techniques, and to face and engage both the crises and creativity that define cities around the world."

— Sophie Oldfield, Professor and Chair of the Department of City and Regional Planning, Cornell University

Summer Program for High School Students

Explore urban issues, and engage with changing cities around the world.

The Just and Sustainable City (CRP 1111) and Maps, Mapping, and GIS (CRP 1112) are courses for high school students interested in exploring and addressing a range of critical issues that face and shape cities the world over. The courses are taught entirely online, connecting students from anywhere in the world to new peers with common interests and leading researchers who introduce you to questions and debates that shape our cities and communities.

Cornell's summer program courses are credit-bearing, giving students a jump start on their college education. All students receive close instruction and thoughtful engagement in these exciting classes.

Application Deadlines
Applications for the high school summer program are due on Friday, May 31, 2024.

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Online Courses


Summer Program for College Students

Expand your urban knowledge. Explore new urban research methods. Open possibilities.

College students worldwide have the opportunity to enroll in urban studies courses at Cornell. Leading researchers in the Department of City and Regional Planning teach courses for students from any background who are interested in both the wide-ranging challenges and opportunities facing cities around the world. On-campus classes offer in-person teaching and guidance, collaboration and exchange with other students, and computer labs equipped with industry-standard software to support research, exploration, analysis, and reflection.

Registration Deadlines
Registration is accepted on a rolling basis. Registration and enrollment begin March 15, 2024.

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Online Courses

In-Person Course


  • Natassia Bravo

    Instructor, CRP 1111 The Just and Sustainable City

  • Wenzheng Li

    Instructor, CRP 3850/5850 Special Topics: Introduction to Urban Big Data and Machine Learning

  • Zhuojun Wang

    Instructor, CRP 1112 Maps, Mapping, and GIS

Student Engagement

A group of students inside a room with sticky notes on the walls.

Engagement with Urban Data Practitioners

A group of students inside a room with sticky notes on the walls.

College-level students enrolled in urban data analytics will have the opportunity to engage with practitioners working in this field in the public, non-profit, and corporate sectors.

Immersion In Urban Data Analysis

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Work by Isabel Ling (B.S. URS '19).

Urbanists can and should take up some of our world's most complex and urgent challenges — drawing on complex data and urban analytical techniques to make best sense of it.

A series of blue dots with lines connected to them.

Work by Isabel Ling (B.S. URS '19).

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