The Student Support Fund

The AAP Student Support Fund accepts applications for the 2023 fall semester from August 14–December 4 and for the 2024 spring semester from January 16–May 7.

The AAP Student Support Fund supports AAP students with unmet financial need in pursuit of their academic goals, providing assistance for students when finances are hindering their path to academic success or the opportunity to participate in transformative experiences in their education.

From the generous contributions of the AAP alumni community, the AAP Student Support Fund has been established to assist students in their academic journey, helping students with unexpected educational expenses or unique transformational opportunities that might cause financial hardship and are not covered by financial aid.

These funds are available to cover eligible expenses for enrolled full-time undergraduate and graduate AAP students, providing access to financial support up to $500.

 Administered by the AAP Office of Student Services, the Student Support Fund enables a quick turnaround for funding requests for our students who are experiencing financial hardships or challenges to achieve academic success, or who have unique academic opportunities for which funds aren’t otherwise available

Frequently Asked Questions

What type of expenses may be covered?

The AAP Student Support Fund can cover expenses that are not otherwise covered by financial aid, ranging from education-related expenses resulting from extenuating circumstances to transformative experiences. Transformative experiences occur when students take ideas outside the classroom and use them to see and experience the world in exciting new ways.

We encourage all AAP students experiencing such need to apply for this opportunity.

What type of expenses may not be covered?

This is not an exhaustive list, but expenses not covered include tuition, university fees, meal plans, groceries, parking tickets, late fees, Cornell ID replacement, credit card debt, hotel costs, storage, fees associated with graduate school, textbooks, or other academic expenses (e.g. supplies for a course) calculated into the cost of attendance as part of the student's financial aid package. Funding is not available for personal technology, new laptops, academic supplies, or furniture.

The purchase of a personal electronic device will not be covered (laptop, iPad, etc.). 

What is the process and how will students be notified?

To apply for funding from the Student Support Fund, students must complete the application linked below. The application will be reviewed and the student will be notified of the decision of approval (or not) by e-mail within two weeks (ten business days) of receipt of the application. Depending on the situation, the student may be referred to additional possible resources.

Are there funding limits?

Yes, please read these carefully prior to submitting your request. 

  • Winter gear — Up to $250 (includes a winter coat, winter boots, winter hat, winter scarf, and winter gloves).

  • Laptop repair — Up to $500 (must include the written quote for the repair).

  • Professional conference registration — Up to $500 (must include link to registration page).

  • Professional conference travel - Up to $300 (must be for professional acadmic travel only).

  • Support for summer internship — Up to $500 (must include a letter of internship acceptance).

Contact Information

If you have any questions or would like to refer a student, please email us at

Please complete the Student Support Fund Application.


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