Student Activities and Organizations

Art Majors Organization (AMO) facilitates the exchange of ideas between art students of all classes. AMO provides art students the opportunity to display their talents throughout the campus, and also creates a community for artists at Cornell to cultivate, foster, and encourage their passion and interest in fine art.

Association is a student-run publication featuring the work of students, faculty, and alumni across the disciplines of architecture, art, and planning, with particular interest in cross-disciplinary projects that demonstrate the connections between these fields.

The Association for Preservation Technology student group is dedicated to advancing the application of technology to the conservation of the built environment.

Convivium is a graduate student group that organizes a series of dynamic gatherings for any student interested in discussing matters of architecture, urbanism, and their relationships to cultural production.

The Cornell Association of Ph.D. Planners represents Ph.D. students in city and regional planning and historic preservation planning.

The Cornell chapter of the American Institute of Architecture Students (CAIAS) aims to engage and promote activism among the architecture student community on campus, while representing the voice of architecture students to the world.

The Cornell Participatory Action Research Network (cPARN) was founded in 1992 and continues to foster robust discussion on action research at Cornell and beyond.

Cornell Journal of Architecture (CJoA) is a critical journal of architecture and urbanism that is produced by editors in the Department of Architecture. Established in 1981, the journal has been the locus of critical discussions emanating from the study of architecture at Cornell.

Cornell University Sustainable Design (CUSD) is a student-led initiative that promotes education through action, empowerment, and innovation with design-build projects while utilizing an interdisciplinary, research-based approach to create resilient structures in the built environment and realize a future of ecological, social, and economic sustainability.

Design Connect is a multidisciplinary student run organization that partners with local municipalities and nonprofits to provide design and planning services to communities in upstate New York.

History of Architecture and Urbanism Society (HAUS) is a group for Ph.D. students that coordinates a variety of topic-focused events, including a lecture series, film series, symposia, and field trips.

The International Planning Student Organization is a forum for learning, discussing, and exploring international planning issues in a diversity of contexts.

The LDR-Lab is dedicated to the planning and design of culturally, environmentally, and economically sustainable Latino communities in the United States and abroad. LDR-Lab is a multidisciplinary independent student organization.

National Organization for Minority Architects Students (NOMAS) the student group under the leadership of the National Organization of Minority Architects; designed to expose architecture students of color to the history, culture, and practice of professional architects of color.

The Organization of Cornell Planners (OCP) is a graduate-level student group that facilitates constructive dialogue among students, faculty, and staff within the Department of City and Regional Planning and Cornell University. Their goal is to build ties between students and planning practitioners; to identify critical resources and make them accessible for graduate planning students in their academic and professional pursuits; and to foster cohesion within the department through an annual town hall event, social activities, workshops, and information dissemination.

The Organization of Urban and Regional Studies (OURS) is for undergraduates within the urban and regional studies program. Although this organization has members who are Cornell students, the organization is independent of the university.

Planning Students for Diversity was formed with a vision of more equitable planning through the inclusion and support of diverse viewpoints and experiences with regard to the profession.

The Preservation Studies Student Organization promotes historic preservation education and advocacy efforts throughout the Cornell community and the wider preservation profession.

The Women's Planning Forum plays host to alumnae in the field and sponsors career workshops. It arranges seminars, receptions, and special events, such as a grant-writing workshop and internship preparation seminar.