Tuition and Financial Aid


The total cost of attending Cornell AAP includes tuition, student fees, and expenses for housing and dining, books, supplies, and personal items.

Costs to attend the College of Architecture, Art, and Planning at Cornell University for the 2024–25 academic school year (excluding travel allowances) are estimated below:

Expense Cost
Billed by Cornell:  
Tuition + student activities fee + health fee $68,380
Housing $12,296
Dining $7,132
Mandatory Fees* $934
Sub-total, Billed $88,742
Not Billed by Cornell:  
Personal and misc. expenses $2,182
Books and materials $1,226
Sub-total, Non-Billed $3,408
TOTAL $92,150

*Mandatory fees include the student activity fee ($384) and the Cornell Health Fee ($550).

**Expenses for housing, food, books and other supplies may be billed or non-billed costs, depending on the housing plans and participation in Cornell’s Academic Materials Program.


Financial Aid

Visit the Cornell University financial aid site to learn more about costs and financial aid.

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