About the Department of Art

At Cornell, the study of art is an education in creating artistic objects, spaces, and experiences that reflect intellectual judgment, philosophical understanding, historical knowledge, and ethical principles that engage and influence the often bewildering complexity of contemporary life within and beyond the academy. 

Students develop the skills specific to the practice of art in addition to and within the understanding that there are more general skills necessary to a critical apprehension of the collective condition. This distinction is made in order to clarify that the department does not view art itself merely as a profession, but as a way of understanding and communicating meaning through materials, situations, language, and images.

Safe Space

We, the faculty of the Cornell Department of Art, acknowledge how vital and necessary the broad spectrum of arts and culture are to making sense of the global perspectives that encompass our world. We pledge along with many other members of the Cornell community to support any member of our extended community who may find themselves threatened, discriminated against, or disenfranchised because of race, culture, gender, or sexual identity. We hereby affirm our dedication to and protection of intellectual and creative freedom.

The Department of Art,
Cornell University

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