Tuition and Funding


Tuition for graduate study at AAP varies by discipline. Research degrees (M.S., M.A., and Ph.D.) are assessed at different tuition rates than professional degrees.

Students who receive university assistantships or fellowships will generally receive tuition support from Cornell. For those not receiving tuition support from Cornell, the tuition rates below will help with planning and budgeting. Students should anticipate annual increases in tuition and fees.

Visit the Graduate School website for additional information.

Tuition rates by discipline (rates are based on the 2021-22 academic year, and do not include fees, room and board, books, or personal expenses):

All rates are per academic year unless otherwise noted.

  • Architecture (Ph.D.): $29,500 
  • Architecture: M.Arch. (Professional): $58,586 
  • Architecture: M.S. (Post-Professional), Advanced Architectural Design: $29,293 per semester, $58,586 per academic year (three-semester program total: $87,879)
  • Architecture: M.S., Matter Design Computation: $29,500 
  • Art: $29,500 
  • City and Regional Planning (Ph.D.): $29,500 
  • City and Regional Planning (M.R.P.): $39,466  
    • The M.R.P. program tuition is very competitive when compared to similar programs at major state and private universities. Cornell offers generous financial aid in a further effort to keep the cost of the M.R.P. program within reach for students. Many students receive stipends during the course of the program and/or participate in paid summer internships.
  • City and Regional Planning (M.A. in Historic Preservation Planning): $29,500
  • Regional Science (M.A., M.S., Ph.D.): $20,800

For estimates on the full costs, visit the Graduate School website.

Funding Opportunities

AAP also has many funding opportunities students may wish to pursue including college-wide, architecture, art, and city and regional planning financial support.

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