Galleries and Exhibition Opportunities

AAP Galleries and Exhibitions

AAP exhibitions comprise invited and curated projects as well as external applications from individuals, groups, or organizations selected by the college gallery committee following an annual review process. The application deadline is March 1 for exhibitions held during the following academic year. These exhibitions are hosted in either Bibliowicz Family Gallery or John Hartell Gallery.

Internal exhibition applications from faculty, departments, and programs on campus are reviewed by the college gallery committee biannually for exhibition opportunities in Bibliowicz Family Gallery or John Hartell Gallery. The application deadline for fall exhibitions is March 1, and spring exhibitions is October 1.

Department Galleries and Exhibitions

Department exhibitions include student, faculty, and class-based exhibitions, and are hosted in two locations in Sibley Hall (East Sibley Exhibition Hallway and West Sibley Exhibition Hallway), and two locations in Olive Tjaden Hall (Olive Tjaden Gallery and Experimental Gallery).

LCD Guidelines

For digital exhibitions, there are six LCD screens located throughout the college: one in Rand Hall, two in East Sibley Hall, one in West Sibley Hall, one in Tjaden Hall, and one in The Foundry.

Postering Guidelines

These guidelines are to allow organizations and individuals to advertise events or other opportunities throughout AAP.

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