Undergraduate Admissions: Urban and Regional Studies

In addition to the general requirements for applying to Cornell University, successful applicants to the urban and regional studies (URS) program demonstrate intellectual potential and commitment, and a combination of ability, achievement, motivation, diligence, and use of educational and social opportunities. Above all, the department seeks students with a high level of enthusiasm and depth of interest in the study of urban and regional issues.

Transfer Applicants

Prospective transfer students need a minimum of 6 credits in English. In addition, students should have taken basic college-level classes distributed across the natural and social sciences, humanities, and mathematics. Applicants whose previous course work closely parallels the general education requirements of the urban and regional studies curriculum will have relative ease in transferring. In addition, students with other academic backgrounds, such as engineering, architecture, fine arts, management, and agriculture are eligible to apply.

Transfer application deadlines:

  • External transfer application deadline: March 15

Students considering a transfer into the URS program should be aware that, if admitted, a transfer credit evaluation will take place. This process requires syllabi from any course for which an admitted student seeks credit and recommends a writing sample from each course. Applicants should prepare these materials in advance so they can be submitted promptly if an offer of admission is made. Admitted transfer students will have two weeks from the date of admission to submit all transfer credit materials. We will not accept transfer credit materials before an offer of admission is made. Students who transfer into the B.S. program must complete a minimum of four semesters in residence and a minimum of 60 academic credits after entering the program.

  • Internal transfer application deadline: December 1 (spring) and May 1 (fall)

Internal transfer is an option for current Cornell students who wish to transfer between colleges at Cornell. It is also an option for current AAP students who wish to transfer into a different AAP program.

Students interested in transferring into an AAP program must follow a college-specific internal transfer application process. All questions regarding the process for transferring can be emailed to the Office of Admissions at aap-admissions@cornell.edu.

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