Brand Guidelines


Placement and size of the Cornell AAP logo should always maintain the integrity of the mark and yield clean, legible lettering and art detail. The smallest reproduction of the lockup with the seal for print is 3/4" and 1/2" without the seal. For web, the lockup with the seal must be at least 73 pixels tall.


logo with Cornell seal and Cornell AAP Architecture Art Planning

External: Use the seal lockup when possible, solidifying AAP with university name recognition. The seal's color can only be black, white, or Cornellian Red.

logo with Cornell AAP Architecture Art Planning

Internal: Use the no-seal logo when the university branding is already in use on the same page.


three logos with Cornell AAP, and Department of Architecture, Art, or Planning underneath


three logos Cornell AAP, and Architecture, Art, or Planning highlighted underneath

Optional internal: The screened section is AAP Light Gray #ccc. If the logo requires transparency the opacity is 25%.


Choose single spot color for a program and use that color consistently.

logos for AAP Connect, Cornell in Rome, and AAP NYC using a highlight color of yellow or teal Program lockups with single spot color for mobile


Please contact the AAP communications office to have a version made for your office or unit.

logo with Cornell AAP and Office of Communications

Without seal


Clean, well-spaced typography distinguishes professional print and digital communications and proper use is essential to the college brand. Please contact AAP IT Solutions to install the AAP fonts on a college-owned computer.

Sample of Helvetic Neue sans serif font used by Cornell AAP

Helvetica Neue LT Com: 45 Light, 55 Roman, 56 Italic, 75 Bold

Sample of Swift LT Pro, AAP's selected serif font

Swift LT Pro: Light, Regular, Italic, Bold

Sample of Georgia, the serif font used with Swift is not available

Georgia: Regular, Italic, Bold, Bold Italic. Only to be used if Swift is unavailable, i.e. web.

Typographic Hierarchy

By organizing type based on order of importance, readers can more easily navigate the content and find what they are looking for. To ensure website accessibility, type set in ALL CAPS may only be used in print.

Sample of header, body, and subhead text using AAP's selected fonts


AAP has an established color palette for the website and suggested palette for print.

Color combinations

Use base colors along with a single spot color.

Diagram showing use of color combinations and images for mobile
Diagram showing use of color combinations and images

Primary Website Colors

AAP Black
Hex: #222222
RGB: 34, 34, 34

AAP Dark Gray
Hex: #4d4e53
RGB: 77, 78, 83

AAP Medium Gray
Hex: #777777
RGB: 119, 119, 119

AAP Light Gray
Hex: #cccccc
RGB: 204, 204, 204

AAP Lightest Gray
Hex: #e6e8e7
RGB: 230, 232, 231

Cornellian Red
Hex: #b31b1b
RGB: 179, 27, 27

Subdued Website Colors

AAP Yellow
Hex: #fef080
RGB: 254, 240, 128

AAP Orange
Hex: #ffb276
RGB: 255, 178, 118

AAP Blue
Hex: #daf0f6
RGB: 218, 240, 246

AAP Cream
Hex: #fff2d5
RGB: 255, 242, 213

AAP Green
Hex: #dbeedd
RGB: 219, 238, 221

Print Colors

Choose one saturated spot color. If you don't know where to start, try one of these sample colors.

RGB: 72, 192, 181
CMYK: 65, 0, 36, 0

RGB: 249, 157, 36
CMYK: 0, 45, 96, 0

RGB: 208, 76, 155
CMYK: 15, 85, 0, 0

RGB: 158, 204, 59
CMYK: 43, 0, 100, 0

RGB: 4, 160, 215
CMYK: 75, 20, 1, 0

RGB: 72, 192, 181
CMYK: 86, 16, 100, 0

RGB: 0, 154, 74
CMYK: 0, 87, 92, 0

RGB: 82, 79, 161
CMYK: 80, 80, 0, 0

RGB: 253, 212, 3
CMYK: 2, 14, 100, 0


Photography plays a central role conveying the vibrant life of the college in print and on the website. Images should focus on faculty and student engagement in activities relevant to our pedagogy including but not limited to events, studio work, instruction, exhibitions, fieldwork, and critiques. Review AAP Photo Tips for more information.

Application Examples

Here are some examples demonstrating the use of logos, colors, and typography.

tri-fold brochure with images and text

Stewardship report

poster for an architecture lecture showing image and text usage

Lecture poster

Cornell AAP's facebook page


Cornell AAP's Instagram feed


Business Cards

Follow the instructions below to create and order customized AAP branded business cards.

To order business cards:

  • Visit the Cornell Print Services website:

  • Log in using your Cornell email address and password

  • Click 'Start a New Order' at the bottom of the page

  • Click 'Cornell Department Orders—Account Number'

  • On the left menu, click 'School and Unit Specific Templates'

  • Click 'Cornell AAP,' then 'Business cards'

  • Choose between black or white color options

  • Fill in the necessary information

  • Click 'Checkout' once finished

A stack of business cards on a white table.

Logos for Download

Each logo download contains EPS and PNG files in both black and white. If alternates are needed please contact the communications office. Letterhead downloads contain Word docs.

College logos

logo with Cornell seal and Cornell AAP Architecture Art Planning College (external)
Cornell AAP logo with Architecture Art Planning College (internal)

Department of Architecture logos

Logo with Cornell AAP and Department of Architecture Architecture (internal, preferred)
Logo with Cornell AAP, and Architecture in black and art and planning in grey Architecture (internal, optional)

Department of Art logos

Logo with Cornell AAP and Department of Art Art (internal, preferred)
logo with Cornell AAP, architecture and planning in grey and art in black Art (internal, optional)

Department of CRP logos

logo with Cornell AAP, and Department of City and Regional Planning CRP (internal, preferred)
logo with Cornell AAP, Architecture and Art in grey and Planning in black CRP (internal, optional)

Center Logos

logo with Cornell AAP, Mui Ho Center for Cities in grey Cornell Mui Ho Center for Cities

Program Logos

logo for AAP NYC AAP NYC
Logo for Cornell in Rome Cornell in Rome
Logo for Clarence S. Stein Institute for Urban and Landscape Studies Stein Institute

Service Logos

Logo for Career Services Career Services
Logo for Exhibitions and Events Exhibitions and Events

Office Logos

Logo for Office of Admissions Office of Admissions
Logo for Office of Communications Office of Communications
Logo for Diversity and Inclusion Office of Diversity & Inclusion
Logo for Office of Student Services Office of Student Services
Logo for Association Association


logo with Cornell seal and Cornell AAP Architecture Art Planning College letterhead (multi-page header) (to be personalized)
logo with Cornell seal and Cornell AAP Architecture Art Planning College letterhead (single page header) (to be personalized)

Social media icons

black circle with Cornell AAP written in white text AAP social media (circle logo)
Black square with Cornell AAP written in white text AAP social media (square logo)