Art as Experience Summer Program and Summer Session Classes

Art as Experience Summer Program for High School and College Students

Art as Experience (ART 1101) is part one of an introductory class that expands students' understanding of the ideas and practices of art today. Studio projects introduce a broad range of mediums from drawing and collage to digital photography and video installation. Students work in the light-filled and spacious drawing and painting studios in Tjaden Hall as well as other campus locations, indoor and out. Studio classes will be supplemented with readings, critiques, and field trips. The program culminates in an exhibition where students will be responsible for the organization and installation of self-directed artwork.

Art as Experience II: TransMedia (ART 1102) can be an independent class or a second part to the earlier summer session. Working with cameras, audio recorders, physical computing boards, and computer software, this class introduces students to digital art creation, manipulation, and theory. Students will have hands-on experience with digital image acquisition, recording, and editing video and sound, and computer programming for interactive media-based applications. Learning will be fun, challenging, exciting, and will open students up to new possibilities for creating dynamic media art. Topics addressed during the class will include digital photography, digital video, audio and video editing, stop-animation, slow-motion video, macro photography, programming for audio/visual interaction, and physical computing.

Art as Experience III: Sculpture Art in Three Dimensions (ART 1103): Sculpture is distinguishable from other visual arts through its inherent use of space and reliance on an enormous range of materials. It is in our space, it makes us move in a certain way, and it makes us want to move in a certain way. Because sculpture is physical like us, we respond to it on a visceral level. Sculpture can also be made out of literally anything, and each "anything" already comes with its own meanings and associations. All of these are givens, even before we decide what our work is about. This is what makes sculpture so powerful and exciting, and also so challenging. This class begins by exploring these givens though a number of very specific assignments and discussions. After a level of class-wide proficiency has been attained, each student will develop their own line of inquiry and develop highly individualized projects. This class assumes no prior knowledge of or experience in sculpture.

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