Post-Professional Master of Science, Advanced Architectural Design

Cornell's 2021-22 M.S.AAD Program will be conducted as follows:

Fall '21: Ithaca campus (August 26–December 18, 2021)

Spring '22: Ithaca campus (January 25–May 21, 2022)

Fall '22:  AAP/NYC campus (August 25–December 17, 2022)

Admitted applicants should refer to their March 2021 letter of admission.


Cornell's post-professional Master of Science, Advanced Architectural Design program (M.S. AAD) is an intensive, advanced architectural design research program open to individuals holding a B.Arch. or professional M.Arch. degree. The program offers a critical framework for investigating pertinent design concerns, practices, and technologies in 21st-century architecture and urbanism. Three- and four-semester options are available, both starting with a summer semester in New York City and continuing at the Ithaca campus.

The M.S. AAD is designated as a STEM program in Architectural and Building Sciences/Technology (CIP code 04.0902) making international graduates eligible to extend their F-1 visas for up to three years to work in the United States.

Territories of Investigation

In both three- and four-semester options, students take core and advanced topic studios along with elective classes, which allow them to pursue trajectories of inquiry within one of four interrelated territories of investigation:

Architecture and Discourse: Theory, criticism, publishing, cultural production, design research, history, and contemporaneity

Architecture and Ecology: Sustainable practices, soft infrastructures, materials research, environmental simulation, computational design, digital fabrication, performance-driven design

Architecture and Representation: Emerging technologies, drawing fields, digital and generative design, new cartographies, media spaces, architectural publications and exhibitions, theories of representation

Architecture and Urbanism: Urban geography, typological studies, urban theory, networks, infrastructures, urban imaging, ecological urbanism

In the three-semester option, students take elective classes in their selected territory of investigation during the fall and spring semesters. In the four-semester option, students take elective classes in their selected territory of investigation during the fall semester and take elective courses in their minor concentration — consistent with their territory of investigation — during the final spring and fall semesters.

Curricula, Policies, and Rules

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