Post-Professional Master of Science, Advanced Urban Design

The New York City-based Master of Science, Advanced Urban Design program (M.S. AUD) prepares graduates to engage pressing urban, environmental and social issues with the tools of design. The program offers a specialized course of study at the intersection of urban systems, ecologies, technologies, and data in order to ask big questions, to address contemporary wicked problems, and to invigorate public realms. 

Participants in the program deepen their understanding of a range of conceptual topics while developing abilities to uncover, visualize, and translate data into designs of material, spatial, and experiential consequence. The program supports citizen-urbanists interested in making a difference through design in pursuit of new forms of engaged spatial practice. Graduates of the program will be agents of urban change, equipped with advanced skills and with expanded knowledge to apply those skills in meaningful ways.

The M.S. AUD program is directed by Jesse LeCavalier and supported by faculty active in New York City and at the Gensler Family AAP NYC Center. Current and recent faculty include Behnaz Assadi, Ifeoma Ebo, Nahyun Hwang, Florian Idenburg, Alicia Imperiale, Elisa Iturbe, Nima Javidi, Shawn Rickenbacker, Peter Robinson, and many others.

This intensive design research program in urbanism is open to individuals holding a professional Bachelor of Architecture degree, a professional Master of Architecture degree, or a professional degree in adjacent design fields (e.g. M.L.A., M.U.D). Students with professional or terminal degrees in related design fields (e.g., M.F.A.) will also be considered.

Students with design and research interests related to urban design, urban sustainability, infrastructure systems, community engagement, visualization, and data are encouraged to apply to the M.S. AUD program.

The M.S. AUD is designated as a STEM program in Architectural and Building Sciences/Technology (CIP code 04.0902) making international graduates eligible to extend their F-1 visas for up to three years to work in the United States.

Curricula, Policies, and Rules

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Systems, Roots, Bits: A Conversation About Contemporary Urban Design Challenges, Questions, and Opportunities

Coinciding with the launch of Cornell AAP's New York City-based Master of Science, Advanced Urban Design degree (M.S. AUD), the Department of Architecture hosted a virtual discussion with leading urban designers to address the ways in which the pillars of this new program — ecology, community, technology, and design — intersect with the urban in meaningful and nourishing ways.

Moderated by Jesse LeCavalier, director of the M.S. AUD program.


  • Lydia Kallipoliti, Assistant Professor, The Cooper Union
  • Ross Exo Adams, Assistant Professor of Architectural Studies, Bard College
  • Peter Robinson (B.Arch. '98), Founding Principal, WorkUrban / Founding Member, Black Space / Assistant Professor, Cornell Department of Architecture
  • Adam Lubinsky, Principal, WXY Studio / Professor of Practice, Columbia GSAPP
  • Snoweria Zhang, Adjunct Assistant Professor, Columbia GSAPP
  • Shawn Rickenbacker, Director, J. Max Bond Center / Associate Professor, City College, New York

Virtual Graduate Open House

Banner image by Ohjin Jo and Thakan Navapakpilai (both M.S. AAD '22), created as part of the spring 2022 option studio Prototypologies.
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