Group Project Badminton Tournament

  • Morgan Evans-Weiler, M.F.A. 2021
    Erika Germain, M.F.A. 2022
    Kirk Henriques, M.F.A. 2021
    Paloma Vianey Martinez, M.F.A. 2021
    Christine McDonald, M.F.A. 2022
    Erin Miller, M.F.A. 2022
    David Nasca, M.F.A. 2022
    Grace Sachi Troxell, M.F.A. 2021
    Xiaoyao Yao, M.F.A. 2021
    Layla Zubi, M.F.A. 2022

Badminton Tournament was the 2021 M.F.A. annual exhibition, held virtually on the Bridget Donahue Gallery website.

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