After Nature Had Drawn a Few Breaths

  • Adam Shulman, B.F.A./B.A. 2023
  • Hometown

    Shushan, NY

After Nature Had Drawn a Few Breaths reclaims imposing concrete walls for nature through environmentally inspired projections and lighting. Designed to allow unique experiences every viewing, the colorful abstract pairings of visual media brightened the evenings of those passing between College Town and Central Campus.

Lighting followed the tones of natural processes: the swaying of leaves, beating of butterfly wings, sunset to sunrise, and cycles of water and growth to fire. Video footage followed the changing seasons, using wind and river currents to animate its movement. While natural forces played cinematographer for the lower channels, a third semi-narrative projection presented collected photographs, poetry, and short video reflections on environmental change for the viewer's interpretation.

For more, please see this review by Stephen Yang for the Cornell Daily Sun: "What is That Outside of Schwartz!?"

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