Disrupting Quietude in Suburbia: Landscape Activism

  • Asha Bell, B.F.A. 2022
  • Hometown

    Nyack, NY
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    Asha Bell

Disrupting Quietude in Suburbia documents lawn signs in the small suburban town of Nyack, New York, home of writer Toni Morrison and painter Edward Hopper. Nyack is a riverview village 22 miles north of New York City. These signs are not radical political acts but rather a means of communication with neighbors and passers-by. In some instances, a way to influence property values and community image. This project seeks to explore the contradictions within this sign-based communication. It plays with the notion of traditional suburbia, the picket fence, mowed lawns, American flags and calls them into question. Who lives in these houses, and what are their intentions behind putting up these signs? What is their authenticity? Whom are they speaking to, and what are they saying?

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