M.F.A. Virtual Exhibition: Badminton Tournament

Light green and white badminton course with yellow figures with different names on them.

Badminton Tournament is a virtual exhibition which features work on the Bridget Donahue Gallery website from the following M.F.A. thesis students:

  • Morgan Evans-Weiler (M.F.A. '21)
  • Erika Germain (M.F.A. '22)
  • Kirk Henriques (M.F.A. '21)
  • Paloma Vianey Martinez (M.F.A. '21)
  • Christine McDonald (M.F.A. '22)
  • Erin Miller (M.F.A. '22)
  • David Nasca (M.F.A. '22)
  • Grace Sachi Troxell (M.F.A. '21)
  • Xiaoyao Yao (M.F.A. '21)
  • Layla Zubi (M.F.A. '22)


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