AAP Gallery Guidelines

General Information

John Hartell Gallery and Bibliowicz Family Gallery are open Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

Any questions, comments, or suggestions should be addressed to AAP exhibition staff at aapcommunications@cornell.edu.

Exhibitors must use the premises solely for the purpose of exhibiting work unless other arrangements are made with AAP exhibition staff prior to the exhibition dates and the exhibitors agree not to use the gallery for any disorderly or unlawful purpose. Exhibitors may not transfer this space to any other person or entity without first obtaining the written consent of AAP exhibition staff.

At the end of the exhibition period, the exhibitor must return the gallery to the same condition as at the beginning of the exhibition term, ordinary wear and tear excepted. Additionally, the exhibitor will be responsible for any damage to the premises and agrees to pay the cost of repair. Exhibitors may not repair any part of the gallery without prior permission of AAP exhibition staff.

Finally, exhibitors are encouraged to consider carefully the gallery's suitability to their exhibits with particular consideration given to safety, installation procedures, and to the space itself.


The AAP galleries' primary responsibility is to preserve the works of art entrusted to its care and to provide a safe environment for all persons who visit the gallery. Any person or persons whose behavior threatens or appears to threaten the gallery or the exhibits will be asked to leave the building. Additionally, the gallery will not allow exhibitors to install exhibits that threaten the safety of gallery visitors or building, contain hazardous materials, or violate environmental health and safety regulations. Any exhibitor who has questions or concerns regarding the safety of his/her exhibit is encouraged to speak with AAP exhibition staff prior to installation.

Exhibitors must comply with federal, state, or local laws, orders, or regulations and with Cornell University rules and policies, and with any lawful direction of Cornell University Police and Environmental Safety. Exhibitors must also obtain any necessary permits. The AAP Gallery Committee or its designee(s) reserve(s) the right to oversee any event.

Exhibitors may not block any entrances, exits, fire escapes, or closet doors. In John Hartell Gallery, regardless of the type of exhibit, an unobstructed straight path of floor space, at least four feet wide, must be maintained on a line between the East and West gallery entrances. All doorways, including closet doors, must remain completely unobstructed at all times and no work may be exhibited in such a way as to block or cover the doors or windows to the Dean's Office. In both John Hartell Gallery and Bibliowicz Family Gallery, no work may be suspended from the ceiling, ceiling sprinkler heads, lights, or light tracks or attached to the floors. Finally, members of the Cornell community must be allowed to pass through the premises at all times, excluding those aforementioned times when the gallery is closed.


The proposed exhibition shall be referred to as the "Work." The Exhibitor (author, artist, creator, and owner of the Work) represents and warrants that Exhibitor is the sole owner of the subject Work and has the legal authority to reproduce, exhibit, distribute, perform, and display the Work, and that the Work does not infringe upon any copyright, moral rights, or intellectual property rights of a third party, nor does the Work invade or infringe upon the privacy or publicity rights of any person. The Exhibitor agrees to defend, indemnify, and hold harmless Cornell University against all claims, demands, suits, losses, damages, costs, and expenses that Cornell may sustain arising from the display, distribution, publication and/or performance of the Work at Cornell.

If Exhibitor cannot represent Exhibitor is the exclusive owner of the content of the Work, or that all rights necessary to display the content have been cleared by Exhibitor, please contact AAP Communications to determine whether the display of third party content can be cleared or may be susceptible to permissible use.


Special arrangements can be made in advance for opening and/or closing receptions by contacting AAP exhibition staff. Exhibitors may not sponsor a party or a reception or serve food or drink without prior approval from AAP exhibition staff and without submitting a University Event Registration request prior to the event. Smoking is not permitted in the gallery at any time.

Installation Procedures

Exhibitors may not mark, paint, drill into, hammer, apply sticky material, or in any way deface or alter any part of the gallery or gallery equipment without the express permission of AAP exhibition staff. All furniture, pedestals, plate glass, monitors, technology, cords, tools, gallery-provided supplies, light bulbs and fixtures, chairs, and fabric material scraps must remain in the gallery at all times and may be moved only within the confines of the gallery under supervision of the AAP exhibition staff and in compliance with the following procedures:

  1. All plans for painting, hanging, surface alterations etc. must be discussed with AAP exhibition staff prior to the hanging of a show.
  2. No adhesives may be used on the walls, floor, windows, or gallery surfaces (including tape, foam mounting squares, glue, etc.) unless permission is granted by AAP exhibition staff.
  3. No fixatives, spray paint, or noxious chemicals are permitted in the gallery due to ventilation concerns.
  4. All exhibit pieces are expected to be finished completely and the gallery to be clean and presentable by exhibition opening time (typically by Monday, 8 a.m.).
  5. Exhibitor must keep doors locked, tool closets locked, windows locked, and gallery lights turned completely off when not present during after-hours and on weekends.
  6. Keys to the gallery or tool closets must not be shared or left unattended and must be returned immediately following the takedown of the exhibit.
  7. Exhibitors should meet with AAP exhibition staff prior to installation to discuss all aspects of the exhibitor's plans for using the gallery space.

Moving Wall

The moving wall may be adjusted to suit the needs of each new show under the supervision of AAP exhibition staff. The wall is not to be moved while the gallery is open or after its position has been established for a particular exhibition. Note that the ceiling mount lights in Bibliowicz Family Gallery must be removed before the wall is moved.


All windows should be closed and locked when leaving the gallery after hours or on weekdays. In John Hartell Gallery, window blinds must never be closed while a window is open, and a 1" gap must be left at the bottom of each blind when closed.

Take Down

All exhibition materials should be removed from the gallery on the day agreed upon at a time scheduled with AAP exhibition staff. Any items left at the end of a show will be disposed of immediately (unless prior arrangements were made). The gallery must be left in the same condition that it was received, including: walls must be patched and repainted to original condition, gallery tools and supplies must be returned to their closets, and any damages to the gallery must be repaired, under the supervision of the exhibitions office. Keys to the gallery and tool closets must be returned promptly after the exhibit takedown.


Cornell AAP is authorized to photograph, sketch, or otherwise reproduce in any media any portion of the exhibition for documentary and educational purposes, for reproduction in an exhibition catalog, or in publicity related to the exhibition or coverage about the exhibition on the college website, social media channels, and magazines, unless other arrangements between the exhibitor and AAP exhibition staff have been agreed upon in writing prior to the time of the exhibition. It is also understood that the general public may photograph works in an exhibition for noncommercial use.

Cancellation Policy

Should the exhibitor fail to comply with any conditions documented above, whether express or implied, or should AAP exhibition staff or AAP Gallery Committee reasonably believe that such has occurred or is likely to occur, the AAP exhibition staff or college may take possession of the gallery without notice, terminating the exhibitor's use of the gallery. In this event, the exhibitor remains liable for any and all damages or deficiencies.

In the event that the exhibitor should cancel any of the exhibition dates, the AAP Gallery Committee reserves the exclusive right to offer the gallery to another person or persons. John Hartell Gallery or Bibliowicz Family Gallery intends to serve the needs of the students, faculty, and staff of the College of Architecture, Art, and Planning. As such, priority for the gallery space is given to those applicants who are affiliated with the college. Under highly unlikely and extreme situations, the AAP Gallery Committee reserves the sole and exclusive right to reschedule the exhibition dates subsequent to the exhibitor's signing of the release and indemnification agreement and, in that event, the AAP Gallery Committee will provide at least 24 hours advanced notice.

If the exhibitor fails to occupy or use the gallery as provided in this statement, John Hartell Gallery and/or Bibliowicz Family Gallery reserves the right to offer occupancy to another person or persons. Any notice to the exhibitor is considered given if in writing and delivered personally, sent by mail addressed to the exhibitor's address, or if sent by email.

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