AAP Exhibition Application

Exhibitions showcase internal curated projects from current faculty, students, staff within departments and programs affiliated with AAP.  Applications are reviewed by the AAP Gallery Committee, and selected exhibitions take place in the Bibliowicz Family Gallery or John Hartell Gallery. The application deadline for fall exhibitions is March 1, and spring exhibitions are October 29.

Gallery Rules and Guidelines

Exhibitors must review and comply with all AAP Gallery Guidelines. Exhibitors are required to work closely with AAP exhibition staff to plan installation details, communicate needs and budget use, and supply work images and press materials ahead of exhibition opening.

AAP Exhibition Application Form

If applicable, list a department, college, university, or organization that is cosponsoring this exhibition.
Check the gallery in which you would prefer to exhibit:
A typical exhibition spans four to six weeks. Please propose several date range options for your exhibition; proposed dates are not guaranteed. The date range should fall within the Cornell academic calendar for the spring or fall semester.
Briefly describe what materials will be used in your exhibition. Indicate any mounting hardware, use of paint, signage, projections, pedestals, and how the work will generally be displayed.
Indicate if you plan to use pedestals, and if so how many and approximate sizes:
Indicate approximately how many feet of linear wall space you will use:
Indicate approximately how many feet of floor space or percentage of the gallery you plan to use:
Please list your funding sources for this exhibition (i.e. "CCA Grant = $2,500"). If multiple sources, please include individual amounts as well as the total.
Indicate how you intend to use the sourced funding. The total amount should be reflected in the breakdown, in a clear list format (i.e "Round trip shipping between NYC and Ithaca for 3 crates = $1,200"). Consider costs such as production, framing, crating, shipping, mounting hardware, tools, materials, and labor and assistance.
A written description of your proposed exhibition, approximately 500-words. If applicable, include other venues this project has shown in as well as any related programs or events on campus.
Upload up to 12 images as individual files or as a single PDF of the work that will be included in the exhibition. Proposals for exhibitions should be of work already completed, not theoretical work that has yet to be made.
Files must be less than 8 MB.
Allowed file types: gif jpg jpeg png pdf.
Biographical Information
Upload a PDF of your resume, CV, or biographical statement. If this is a group or department exhibition, please provide a description of the group or department.
Files must be less than 8 MB.
Allowed file types: pdf.
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