Exhibition Proposal Guidelines for AAP Galleries

The AAP galleries are managed and maintained by the college through the AAP Exhibitions and Events office. During the academic year, these galleries host formal AAP exhibitions, consisting of both curated and proposed projects of work to internal proposals from the college and campus-wide community. Proposals, including work by current faculty, students, and staff in AAP, will be reviewed and selected by the AAP Gallery Committee on a biannual basis with March 1 as the deadline for the fall semester and October 29 for the spring semester. Support by the AAP Exhibitions and Events office for projects is limited to application review by the AAP Gallery Committee, scheduling, and the patching and painting of walls between shows, not beyond the usual wear and tear and as approved by the office. Interested applicants should fill out and submit the Exhibition Application Form to apply.

The college is committed to providing access to gallery space equitably regardless of department or program affiliation.


  1. The AAP Exhibitions and Events office will work with the selected applicants to coordinate space and scheduling.
  2. Applicants are solely responsible for logistics, installation, deinstallation, cleanup, and communications efforts and costs associated with exhibitions in the AAP galleries.
  3. All exhibitors must follow the established AAP Gallery Guidelines.
  4. Please visit the office for copies of the floorplans for John Hartell Gallery and Bibliowicz Family Gallery. All exhibitors must submit installation plans for review and approval by AAP's facilities team to ensure compliance with university facilities practices and policies.
  5. Unless otherwise approved, the installation must occur during the week between 8 a.m.–5 p.m.
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