Bibliowicz Family Gallery Photographs

Room with two glass walls (north and south) with two moveable room dividers and a round window on the west wall

Mid-section of the gallery, looking through the glass wall and through to the garden.

Room with a white wall with floor to ceiling round window and north-side glass wall revealing an outside garden.

West gallery wall, with round window.

View into a gallery space that has a glass wall on the south entrance side and three people standing on the opposite side of the room.

Looking into the gallery, northeast view.

Hallway view into the gallery with a dark steel column and two room divider walls.

Looking into the gallery, northwest view.

View of the gallery with a glass wall on the north side showing a garden on the outside and a concrete pillar on the right with a dividing wall.

Looking east, inside the gallery.

Concrete wall with a circular window

Looking into the gallery, through the round window on the west wall.

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