Work by Lucy Plowe

Woman wearing red top with long brown hair smiling outside.
  • Lucy Plowe, B.F.A. 2020
  • Hometown

    West Nyack, New York
  • Website

    Lucy Plowe
  • Class

    ART 3399 Print Media: Special Topics
  • Instructor

    Elisabeth Meyer

My work is interested in gesture and symbolism to express spirituality. Through the use of the hand and the figure I'm able to express human emotion, and with lush natural imagery, I hope my work takes on an otherworldly quality to convey a veneration of the natural world. I also include visual references to symbolism from the Hebrew tradition. These recent works are an exploration in monotype printmaking, which I fell in love with during Print Media: Special Topics with Associate Professor Meyer. The ability to manipulate painting into print is unique to monotype, and I love how the quality of the dry water-based pigment is reawakened when pressed into damp paper.

Lucy Plowe

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