Work by Lane Letourneau

  • Lane Letourneau, B.F.A. 2021
  • Hometown

    Sun Valley, Idaho
  • Class

    ART 2701 Introduction to Digital Media
  • Instructor

    Renate Ferro

Tomat-uh-oh and Seeds of Folly are from the project Bio-Networks Gone Awry, which was used as an introduction to Photoshop and conceptual art. Students scanned natural substances — Letourneau used tomatoes — and proceeded to crop, cut, and composite a virus or disease that has gone out of control. The class created short stories detailing the world in which their viruses lived and proceeded to make large prints of the work as well as an installation using projectors and sound they created. Letourneau's Bio-Network story revolved around an epidemic involving the mutation of lycopene within tomatoes that would attack the body from the inside out.

Step Right Up and Die For A Day! and In Heaven were created using Photoshop. The project was to composite students' own photos with online images to create a "useless technology." Letourneau's useless technology consisted of an amusement park ride that allowed riders to "Die For A Day" and become a ghost. In conjunction with creating photos, students also had to write a short story about their ideas and create a website using HTML coding. Letourneau made a photo of the actual machine that is used in the ride and composited many images using herself as the ghost going around and doing ghostly activities.

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