M.S. AUD Curriculum and Requirements

Curriculum Overview

The M.S. AUD program is embedded in New York City and grounds students in the processes by which urban transformation happens through its three instructional tracks: engaged design studios; tools and methods courses; and theory / analysis seminars.

Engaged design studios give students a chance to work on existing challenges with stakeholders and practitioners. Tools and methods courses expose students to a range of skills related to the intersection of design and data. Theory and analysis courses situate the technical components of the program in broader social, political, and economic contexts.

Sample Three-Semester Curriculum

Below is a sample schedule of classes. This curriculum is for illustrative purposes only.

Fall semester classes and credits.
Fall Semester in New York City Credits
ARCH 6131 Methods / Skills / Tools 1: Critical Introduction to Urban Data 3
ARCH 6331 Theories and Analysis 1: Introduction 3
ARCH 7131 Studio 1: Foundation 6
Elective 3
Total 15
Spring semester classes and credits.
Spring Semester in New York City Credits
ARCH 6132 Methods / Skills / Tools 2: Intermediate Applications 3
ARCH 6332 Theories and Analysis 2 3
ARCH 7132 Studio 2: Application 6
Elective 3
Total 15
Summer semester classes and credits.
Summer Semester: June and July in New York City Credits
ARCH 6133 Methods / Skills / Tools 3: Advanced Synthesis 3
ARCH 6333 Theories and Analysis 3: Theories of Practice 3
ARCH 7133 Studio 3: Synthesis/Engagement 6
Total 12

Total units/credit hours: 42

The M.S. AUD program is focused around a coordinated core curriculum. Additionally, students are required to take two elective courses that draw from an array of eligible offerings at The AAP NYC Gensler Center and select Cornell Tech classes.

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