Group Project Urban Incubator

  • Lily Chung, M.Arch. 2015
    Dillon Pranger, M.Arch. 2015
    Taylor Stollbert, M.Arch. 2015
  • Class

    ARCH 5115 Core Design Studio V
  • Instructor

    Jeremy Foster
    Alessandra Cianchetta

As a strategic plan, Urban Incubator proposes a startup incubator program to dynamically engage the nearby artists, La Defense business district, students, and low-income individuals and families within the existing infrastructure of the paper-making factory. Specifically, themes of business incubation, site evolution, and performance constitute the basis of this strategic plan. Using the existing buildings as found framework, temporary programs and structures such as art exhibitions, site-specific performances, and modular shipping container office spaces plug into the industrial spaces of the site. These initial alterations to existing structures result in minimally-invasive and cost-effective temporary programs that cohabit the site of (dis)assemblage. The constantly changing activities invite the neighboring residential, creative, academic, and professional communities to regularly visit the Urban Incubator and form a relationship with its immediate environment. Due to low initial start-up requirements of a safe space with minimal oversight, this incubator invasion benefits from scalability, using time, and phasing to its advantage in creating an active symbiotic educational and professional setting for the greater community.

Eventually, more permanent development will result in heavier construction zones as existing structures are disassembled and new structures are assembled. The disassembly and assembly of existing and future structures necessary to support the evolving startups become catalysts of site activation while newly integrated permanent program and structures support more conventional architectural needs.

Award Recognition

AIA New York State Student Award (2014)

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