Information for Employers and Alumni


Employers interested in considering AAP and Cornell candidates for full-time jobs, internships, or summer positions are able to post jobs through Cornell Career Services at no charge. The Cornell job-posting service known as Cornell Handshake is part of the Experience system which can be accessed through the Handshake Employer Login. Employers posting for the first time should review the Internships and Summer Jobs or Full-Time Postings pages.

Cornell Career Services is available to work with employers to develop an on-campus hiring strategy. Learn more at the Cornell Career Services website.


Alumni who are well established in their fields are invited to volunteer their expertise by advising students engaged in career exploration. There are several ways to help:

  • Share career advice and encouragement with a student as a mentor - Join CUeLINKS
  • Contribute your resume and/or portfolio to the list of sample templates
  • Hire Cornell students and graduates
  • Spend an afternoon on campus as a Professional-in-Residence or volunteer as a career program panelist
  • Host a student in the workplace through one of the job-shadowing programs
  • Support a student in an experiential learning program

Contact AAP Connect for more information.

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