AAP Faculty Development Fund

The goal of the AAP Faculty Development Fund program is to advance faculty projects or activities that are directly related to research or creative work, with a bias towards projects that are already in progress and close to completion or dissemination. Tenured, tenure-track, and faculty with multiyear appointments are eligible to apply to the fund. The maximum award is $4,000 per academic year. Past funding has gone to support installations, curation, book and research support, conference travel, and residencies.

Rules and Regulations

The program draws from an ample fund pool sized to support a large number of requests, but not sized so that every faculty member can receive funding every year. The founding idea is to assist faculty projects over hurdles that might prevent development, with the assumption that not every faculty member will experience such need on an annual basis. Recurring use for the same project over time is not supported.

For faculty with existing unrestricted research accounts, those funds should be tapped first if appropriate, but the college will consider a 50/50 split depending on the request. It is not typical for equipment such as computers, cameras, and similar devices to be supported, but if funds are given, the purchase becomes part of the college inventory according to Cornell University policy.

Per diem for travel-related expenses are paid according to University Policy 3.2 (PDF).

Application Process

To apply for funds, please contact your department chair via email and cc the dean's office and the Finance and HR Support Center. Once your department chair recommends the application and the dean approves it, the Finance and HR Support Center will process the request. Please note: secure approvals in advance of any expenditures as receipts handed in without prior permission will not be processed.

Expenses for any approved project must be submitted and the project complete by June 30, 2019.

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