Eduardo Cilleruelo Terán

Eduardo Cilleruelo Terán is a New York/Madrid-based architect and educator. Since July 2023, he has held the position of Design Teaching Fellow at the College of Architecture, Art, and Planning at Cornell University. As part of his research and practice, he has been committed to the analysis of infrastructural relationships under the canopy of data management and its consequences in the architectural realm. Recently, he was awarded with the Prize of Excellence (Space Group, Seoul, November 2022) for his studies of data civicness and urban possibilities in vertical public connectors in New York City. In collaboration with Associate Professor Jesse LeCavalier, he cocurated a public exhibition and symposium, "Data Clouds," in Berlin (June 2023) addressing the domains of technology intersecting with architectural typologies. In parallel, he investigates museum institutions and inter-infrastructural dimensions through the lens of politics and history. Recently, he presented the paper "A Phantom Museum?" in the AMPS Congress (Prague, June 2023) following those premises.

​He graduated from Cornell University, College of Art, Architecture, and Planning in 2022 after completing the Master of Science, Advanced Architectural Design, where he received the Award for Outstanding Performance in Architecture at AAP, Cornell University in December 2022. In addition, he earned a Master and Bachelor in Architecture from Universidad de Alcala (Madrid, 2017, 2016, respectively). Before joining Cornell University, he previously held an appointment at Montana State University, where he taught studio courses on the study of spaces in-between private and public in local typological buildings in the city of Bozeman.

​In combination with his academic career in the exercise of practice, he collaborates with international and multidisciplinary professionals. Cofounder of ACT (Architecture, Construction Technology—young architecture practice) and coeditor of Momentum Magazine, a physical publication on sharing architectural manifestos. His work has been exhibited and published at the Venice Biennale, Chamber of Architecture of Madrid, Spanish Royal Academy at Rome, and Cornell University. 

Academic Research/Specialty Areas

  • Architectural design
  • Architectural representation
  • Architectural theory
  • Architectural design
  • Architecture and technology
  • Architecture practice
  • Theory and discourse
  • Visual representation
  • Art history
  • Political studies

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Classes (Selected)

  • Arch 1101 Studio First-Year
  • Arch 3308/4509/6308/6509.106 Infrastructural Seeds (Seminar)
  • B.Arch/M.Arch Thesis

Awards, Grants, and Fellowships (Selected)

  • Prize for Academic Outstanding Performance in Architecture, AAP Cornell University, 2022
  • Prize of Excellence. Space Group, Seoul, South Korea, 2022
  • Cornell Council of Arts Biennale. Research Prize Award. Circular Construction Lab, 2022
  • Nominee. Young Talent Architecture Award. Commissioned by the European Union and Mies Van Der Rohe Foundation, 2018
  • Santander Ibero-American Fellow. Institution: University of Talca, Chile, 2015

Exhibitions and Presentations (Selected)

  • Architecture Media Politics Society (AMPS) Heritage Conference in Prague.
  • "A Phantom Museum? The Case-Study of The Museo de América as a Historical, Political and Architectural In-Between Typology." Discussion session with Tatjana Crossley (RISD) and Emilio Remelhe (FAUP).
  • Common Clouds: Data Infrastructure and the Future of Public Space. Exhibition and Symposium. FKA Six Gallery, Berlin. June 2023. LeCavalier, Eduardo Terán.
  • Circulating Matters. Cornell Council of the Arts. Ithaca, New York. May–September 2022. Felix Heisel (Circular Construction Lab).

Publications (Selected)

  • Author, "A Phantom Museum? The Case-Study of The Museo de América as a Historical, Political and Architectural In-Between Typology," AAP, Cornell University. AMPS Heritage Conference, Prague, June 2023. Currently on review (second stage).
  • Chapter author and editor, "Sink or Swim: Design strategies to confront sea level rise in the United States East Coast," AAP, Cornell University. ISBN. 978-0-9972602-6-7. Fall 2021 studio publication. Visiting Professor Greg Keeffe and M.S. AAD '23 students.
  • Editor, "On Authorship," Momentum Architecture Magazine IV. Independent Publication. Madrid, Spain. ISSN: 2531-1662.
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