Yasha Rozov: Sight Specific

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A modern gallery space with a series of video projections depicting the interior of blank hardcover books.

Yasha Rozov Catalog (2020). photo / provided

Looking at the role of the creative practitioner as determined by the site of artistic or design led intervention.

Please join us for a guest lecture by interdisciplinary Artist & Designer Yasha Rozov, jointly organized by Professor Jenny Sabin (Architecture) and Professor Itai Cohen (Physics) as part of the M.S. MDC program. 

Yasha Rozov will discuss the transformational power of site-specific and socially engaged art practices in changing perceptions and experiences of public spaces and their communities. He will present projects which provoked him to redefine his identity as a creative practitioner — from designer to socially engaged artist to curator.


Yasha Rozov is an interdisciplinary artist, designer, and facilitator of cultural projects which reflect on public spaces and their communities. Founder and copartner in studio Arts Publica which develops cultural and community projects in the urban public space. Founder & Artistic Director of the Night Light Festival and Artistic Director of Southern Lights festival, Beer Sheba. Cofounder "The Refinery"— Artist's collective Newe Shaanan, Tel Aviv; Artistic Director of "The Jewish Salons"— pluralistic Jewish identity through culture and the arts; Design lecturer at Holon Institute of Technology & U.J.E.P Czech Republic.

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