M.R.P. Option for B.S. URS Seniors

Urban and regional studies (URS) seniors may apply to earn an accelerated Master of Regional Planning (M.R.P.). To complete this degree a student must:

  • Complete 60 credits, at least 30 of which must be obtained within the Department of City and Regional Planning, including credits earned in fulfilling the M.R.P. core requirements. Interested URS majors are encouraged to take graduate credit options on upper division classes where possible to fulfill some of the 60 credits.
  • Have two committee members on file.
  • Complete the independent work requirement by submitting an acceptable thesis, professional report, or research paper. Two bound copies of the work need to be submitted to the graduate field coordinator.

All two-year M.R.P. program requirements also apply to the accelerated M.R.P. program.

The accelerated degree option will generally allow a student to complete the M.R.P. degree in three semesters if graduate level credits were completed during their URS program (above and beyond the required 120 credits). URS students are encouraged to work for a year or two before returning for the accelerated M.R.P. program. Interested students should meet with their advisor and develop a plan during the last two years of the URS program.

Please note the following guidelines for acceptable M.R.P. work:

  • No grades below C- will be acceptable for meeting the 60-credit-hour requirement.
  • No more than six hours of grades of C-, C, or C+ will be accepted for meeting the 60-credit-hour requirement. Partial credit from a class could be used in calculating this six-hour maximum (e.g., if a student has received C in two 4-credit classes, only 6 of these 8 credits can count toward the degree).
  • A cumulative average of B (3.0 GPA) will be required for graduation.
  • Classes not related in some way toward the student's degree will not be counted in the 60 credits. Examples of such classes include wine tasting, culinary arts, English as a second language, dance, and physical education.
  • Incomplete class work must be completed by the beginning of that semester one year hence.
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