B.S. URS Curriculum and Requirements

Core Courses

First Year

Timeline Course Code Course Title
Fall Semester AAP 1100 Creating Justice: The Worlds We Make
Fall Semester CRP 1103 Observing the City: Introduction to Field-Based Analysis
Fall Semester CRP 1106 First-year Advising Seminar
Spring Semester CRP 1104 Introduction to Global Urban Studies
Spring Semester CRP 1200 Introduction to Statistics for Urban Studies

Second Year

Timeline Course Code Course Title
Fall Semester CRP 2100 Neighborhood Change in the City: Quantitative Methods
Spring Semester CRP 2200 Community Engagement in the City: Qualitative Methods

Upper-level Suggested Pathway Focus Areas and Coursework Requirements

Second Through Fourth Year

Choice of a Pathway Focus Area URS Pathway Focus Areas are:
  1. City Planning, Policy, and Design
  2. Climate Change and Sustainable Cities
  3. Urban Data Science and Technology in the City
  4. Inequality and Urban Life
  5. Real Estate, Housing, and Urban Economics Pathway Focus Areas help you to select a cluster of related electives to deepen your knowledge of a particular area of interest with a view towards a research or practice-based career. Pathways include at least two courses in CRP and four courses presented outside of CRP.
Senior-level Collaborative, Engaged Workshop Requirement In year 3 or 4 students complete at least one compulsory semester-long course that involves engaged learning. This is an opportunity to apply methods and to experiment with forms of collaboration between the university, the city, and various publics in the field. B.S. URS students can choose one of the options provided, or propose an alternative semester-long workshop option or study-abroad option to fulfill this requirement, including:
  • CRP Neighborhood Workshop Course, Rome, Italy
  • AAP-New York City Planning and Policy Workshop Courses, NYC, U.S.
  • CRP Workshop Courses, Ithaca and Central NY, U.S.
  • Field Learning Workshop Semester Course, Nilgiris, India
Year 4 Optional undergraduate thesis research (by application)
Optional Year 5 URS students can apply to enroll in the Master of Regional Planning (M.R.P.) and complete this professional degree in 1.5 (rather than 2) years of study.

Cornell University students can complete a URS Minor by completing 3 of the core courses (9 credits) and 9 credits of upper-level (3000 level and above) CRP courses.

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