Work by Pauline Shongov
Pauline Shongov B.F.A. 2017
Work by Lia Sutton
Lia Sutton M.F.A. 2015
Work by Da Bin Lee
Da Bin Lee B.F.A. 2016
Thesis rendering based on grocery store interior.
Angela Afandi M.Arch. 2012
Slip cast porcelain by Melody Stein.
Melody Stein B.F.A. 2016
Xin Ye historic village
Yana Azova B.S. URS 2015
Work by Neeraja D.
Neeraja D. M.F.A. 2015
Group Project NO-ZONE
Work by Choi Minhye
Choi Minhye B.F.A. 2016
Parodos: Hotel in Ithaca, NY by Johanna Grazel
Johanna Grazel B.Arch. 2015
Work by Luca Spano
Luca Spano M.F.A. 2016
Closed Door by Carolyn Fraser
Carolyn Benedict Fraser M.F.A. 2016
Map of a park in the village of Gordiani
Group Project Villa Gordiani: A Neighborhood Study
Abstract Intimacy by J. Andrée De Léon
J. Andrée De Léon M.F.A. 2014
Work by Daniel Philip Toretsky
Daniel Philip Toretsky B.Arch. 2016
Work by Christopher Morse
Christopher Morse M.Arch. 2017
Work by Calvin Somang Kim
Calvin Somang Kim B.F.A. 2015
Design Connect students present ideas to Town of Orange residents.
Group Project Design Connect: Reuse Proposals for Camp Monterey
Work by Frances Gallardo Varela
Frances Gallardo Varela M.F.A. 2016
Collective Form and Landscape by Gunho Kim
Gunho Kim M.Arch. 2013
Dishonesty Without Apologies by Clifford Chan
Clifford Chan M.Arch. 2013
Model by Jordan Berta
Jordan Berta M.Arch. 2016
Roosevelt Island Tech Campus model
Group Project Roosevelt Island Tech Campus
Work by Esther Jun
Esther Jun B.F.A. 2015
Work by Jin Xin
Jin Xin M.Arch.II 2014
Detail from Natalie Kwee's thesis portfolio
Natalie Kwee B.Arch. 2013
Rendering of Trailer Park Winery by James Blair
James Blair M.Arch. 2014
Work by Soowon Jo
Soowon Jo B.F.A. 2015
Work by Francesca Lohmann
Francesca Lohmann M.F.A. 2014
Detail of map by Thane Maxwell.
Thane Maxwell M.R.P. 2012
Work from a group project titled, Making Prints
Group Project Making Prints
Final Review
Ryan Glick M.Arch. 2013
Problem no.3 LARGE; Museum by Hyemin Jang
Hyemin Jang B.Arch. 2015
Work by Mariamma Kambon
Mariamma Kambon M.F.A. 2014
Model of Free University of Berlin
Hong Yeol In M.Arch. 2016
Rendering from junk/food by Karen Chi-Chi Lin
Karen Chi-Chi Lin B.Arch. 2013
Work by Jose Ibarra
Jose Ibarra B.Arch. 2016
Work by Yeseul Morgan Bang
Yeseul Morgan Bang B.F.A. 2015
Work by Jessica Chu
Jessica Chu B.F.A. 2016
Work by Jessica Jiang
Jessica Jiang B.Arch. 2017
Invisible Winter by Mia Miyoung Kang
Mia Miyoung Kang M.Arch. 2014
Image of hydrofracking site.
Group Project Marcellus Shale is One Play in a National Natural Gas Boom
Work by Anna Walling
Anna Walling B.Arch. 2016
Holidays and Holy Days by Mauricio Vieto
Mauricio Vieto B.Arch. 2013
Work by James Walwer
James Walwer B.F.A. 2014
Rahab's Glance by Nicholas Foster
Nicholas Foster M.F.A. 2014
Concept drawing of Church of Birdwatching by Mikhail Grinwald
Mikhail Grinwald B.Arch. 2013
Work by Ann Lee
Ann Lee M.F.A. 2016
Work by Connie Wong
Connie Wong M.F.A. 2015
Lilian Simon: Final Model
Lilian Simon B.Arch. 2014
Detail of bike route and striping design by Quinn Kelly
Quinn Kelly B.S. URS 2014
Work by Mariko Azis
Mariko Azis B.F.A. 2016
Work by Kevin Cruz
Kevin Cruz B.F.A. 2017
Accessibility rendering from CRP group project, Splintering Urbanism
Group Project Splintering Urbanism: The East River and Hudson River Waterfronts
Collective Solitude by Karl Pops
Karl Pops B.Arch. 2016
Work by Naima Reddick
Naima Reddick B.F.A. 2016
Rendering of Roma Riconnessa by Juan Carlos Artolozaga
Juan Carlos Artolozaga M.Arch. 2014
The Sublime and the Artifice by Sonny Xu
Sonny Xu B.Arch. 2013
Rendering by Zuhal Kol
Zuhal Kol M.Arch.II 2013
Artwork by Jerry Birchfield
Jerry Birchfield M.F.A. 2014
Rendering of city plaza.
Group Project A 21st Century Washington Square: An Opportunity for Downtown Buffalo
Work by Hana Svatoš-Ražnjević
Hana Svatoš-Ražnjević B.Arch. 2015
Work by Serena Lee
Serena Lee M.Arch. 2013
Guest jurors collaborate on development decisions for Envision Baruch planning model
Group Project Envision Baruch
Work by Jieun Lim
Jieun Lim B.F.A. 2015
Work by Daniel Li
Danlu Li B.Arch. 2013
Work by Ahmed Ozsever
Ahmed Ozsever M.F.A. 2015
Aerial view of Quarticciolo from the roof of La Talpa.
Group Project Quarticcioloi: A Neighborhood Study
Collage of Binghamton M2 by Edbert Chang
Edbert Chang B.Arch. 2016
Work by Justin Foo
Justin Foo B.Arch. 2018
Detail of SAM Multiplier statistics.
Group Project Kendal Project: Scenario 6
Rendering by Peter Williamson
Peter Williamson M.Arch.II 2014
Denmark Pavilion
Group Project Denmark Pavilion
Fire, Smoke, and Skin by Erin Pelligrino
Erin Pellegrino B.Arch. 2014
Clay bust sculptures by Olivia Woo
Olivia Woo B.F.A. 2015
Helena Rong: Model 2
Helena Rong B.Arch. 2017
Birdseye view of the word Tallahassee on a sidewalk
Group Project Tallahassee
Work by Nils Axen
Nils Axen B.Arch. 2016
Work by Evan Rawn
Evan Rawn B.Arch. 2017
Model of Museum of the Unexpected by Malgorzata Pawlowska
Malgorzata Pawlowska B.Arch. 2015
Julia: render
Julia Gamolina B.Arch. 2013
Roana Tirado M.R.P./M.L.A. ‘14
Work by Artemisha Goldfeder
Artemisha Goldfeder M.F.A. 2015
Concept model for Woven Spaces
Group Project Woven Spaces
Rome Center for Peace and Religious Studies by Lingbo Sun
Lingbo Sun B.Arch. 2014
eagle puppet in from of pink and purple background
Jenn Houle M.F.A. 2015
Work detail from Storage (+)
Group Project Storage (+)
Mosaic of tiles from which an animation was made.
Heriberto Rodriguez Valenzuela M.Arch. 2013
A cat's gotta eat by Vincent Chong
Vincent Chong B.F.A. 2014
Detail of graphic depicting theoretical storm path through Manila
Gabriel C. Halili M.R.P. 2015
Design Connect Lansing Team
Group Project Design Connect: Lansing Team
Mostly concrete model
Justin Foo B.Arch. 2018
Model of Thermodynamic Persuasion & Utopian Blooms by Charles Cupples
Charles Cupples M.Arch. 2015
Artwork by Sophia Balagamwala
Sophia Balagamwala M.F.A. 2014
Rendering by Tianwei Ye
Tianwei Ye M.Arch.II 2014
Elena Toumayan: Assembly
Elena Toumayan B.Arch. 2015
Detail from Urban Incubator
Group Project Urban Incubator
Picnic 2 by Jun Gi Park
Jun Gi Park B.F.A. 2014
Detail of map model for Aurora Community Trail
Group Project Design Connect: Aurora Community Trail
Work from Identity and the Global Lens
Group Project Identity and the Global Lens