Ancient Roman Strigil Museum

headshot of a young man with dark hair and glasses
  • Ting Wei Fan, B.Arch. 2021
  • Hometown

    Taipei, Taiwan
  • Class

    ARCH 1102 Design II (first-year studio)
  • Instructor

    Val Warke
    Luben Dimcheff

This project proposes a strigil museum sited in Bath, England, that draws upon material-based studies and a phase of precedent analysis that included the Adalaj stepwell in India and Casa das Mudas in Portugal. It is largely an enclosed structure, the only open part being the main exhibition room that builds on the open ceiling of the ruins of a Roman bathhouse. There is a specific sequence of room function in the ancient Roman baths that goes from cold pool to hot pool. It can be interpreted as a sequence from public space to private space. The museum's layout thus also has the same concept of sequence, allowing the visitors and artists to experience the collection in different environments, from the public exhibition hall to private artist studios or residences.

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