Wind Hermitage

  • Ami Mehta, B.Arch. 2021
  • Hometown

    Bangalore, India
  • Class

    ARCH 1101 Design I (first-year studio)
  • Instructor

    Val Warke
    Luben Dimcheff

The project consists of a residence and intervened site designed for X, a hermit that lives on an island. Inspired by the behavior of air and wind, the landscape is abstracted by articulating contour through the tension created between wooden wind shafts and metal rods. Paper membranes contort around these to redefine the island's topography and offer varying degrees of interaction with the natural world. X is a man restless by nature. As he is best known to be his calmest in the middle of a storm, this intervention allows X to move along a gradient that ranges from shelter to extreme exposure to the wind. Escaping the safety of his residence, X makes his daily trek across a bridge partially sheltered by the island's topography, ending his walk in the climax of a wind tower that permits him to be completely at the mercy of the elements.

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