Suspended Habitation

headshot of a man with reddish brown hair, a mustache, wearing a blue collared shirt
  • Christopher Morse, M.Arch. 2017
  • Hometown

    Syracuse, New York
  • Class

    ARCH 5111 Core Design Studio I
  • Instructor

    Associate Professor Vincent Mulcahy
    Visiting Critic Katie Kasabalis

Inspired by the contrasting qualities between the light linear shaft of a golf club and its asymmetric, curved, massive head, this design for a dwelling explores the use of opposition and dichotomy. Consisting of a sequence of spaces inserted into a vertical field suspended within a large frame, the grid shows both regularity and disruption, with varying levels of visual density. The emphasis on the connection of the cables with the ground contrasts with the narrow supports of the frame itself, producing a sense of lightness. It is at once both expansive and narrow, ordered and disordered, massive and light, regular and irregular, solid and permeable.

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