Group Project Design Connect: Aurora Community Trail

  • Brian Byrd, M.R.P. 2015
    Mike Catsos, M.R.P. 2015
    Beatrice Goh, B.Arch. 2017
    Anamika Goyal, M.Arch. 2017
    Nicolas Grefenstette, M.R.P./M.L.A. 2016
    Gabriel Halili, M.R.P. 2015
    Hadar Sachs, B.S. URS 2017
    Daphany Shen, B.Arch. 2017
    Caroline Smith, B.S. 2015
    Alisa Strassner, 2016

The Village of Aurora, New York, approached Design Connect for assistance in planning a route and designing a concept for a community trail. The community hopes for a trail that is accessible at multiple points, available to all age groups, and easily identifiable, with the goal of promoting social interaction, encouraging physical activity, and sharing the "Aurora experience" with visitors.

The village has received a $5,000 donation from Blessing of the Boats, a citizens committee and fundraising organization, towards the completion of a trail. The citizen committee hopes to remain engaged throughout the planning and design process. Other community institutions, including Wells College and the Inns of Aurora, have also expressed interest and support towards the project.

The village offered support to the team throughout the planning process by providing maps, historic information, and zoning and land use data.

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