Graduate Architecture Programs

Graduate programs in the Department of Architecture include studies in architecture, computer graphics, and history of architecture and urban development.

Professional Master of Architecture (M.Arch.)

A top-ranked program in the country, this fully accredited professional degree program is for individuals from diverse disciplines and backgrounds interested in practicing or teaching architecture.

Post-Professional Master of Architecture (M.Arch.II)

The M.Arch.II program is open to applicants possessing a bachelor of architecture (B.Arch.) or professional master of architecture (M.Arch.) degree or the international equivalent.

History of Architecture and Urban Development (HAUD)

The History of Architecture and Urban Development program offers a Ph.D. degree, and draws upon faculty and resources from both AAP's Department of Architecture and other departments in the university.

Computer Graphics (M.S.)

The program of Computer Graphics offers a M.S. degree, and draws upon faculty primarily from Computer Science and Architecture.